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The Best 3 Wolf Anime of All Time

by Elsa Stringer

Are you a fan of wolves and anime? If so, this topic is ideal for you, because we have merged the two and decided to introduce you to a list of the best wolf anime that have appeared so far. The wolf is one of the animals we can often meet in various films and is most often portrayed as a wild, bloodthirsty and very dangerous animal. However, when it comes to anime, the situation is a little different because here the wolves have a different role.

In some anime series, wolves are characters who are warriors and protectors and also there are different types of wolves. For example, you can see werewolves, wolfweres, high-intelligence wolves or even those with supernatural abilities. But, as we have said, the theme of today’s article is the best wolf anime series. So, let’s find out what are these anime series?

1. Wolf’s Rain

Definitely the best wolf anime series according to the fans votes that have so far appeared is “Wolf’s Rain“. However, the great popularity of this anime is not strange because the series has a really interesting plot. It is about the legend about the place called Paradise that is located somewhere on Earth. Interestingly, only wolves are able to find this site. There is a group of wolves that live hidden among humans and who are capable of finding Paradise.

However, they have to do this before the full red moon, otherwise, it will be over forever. The main characters of “Wolf’s Rain” are Kiba, Tsume, Hige and Toboe.

2. Wolf Children

Another wolf anime with a very interesting story is “Wolf Children“. This is not a series, but a film directed by Mamoru Hosoda. The story follows a girl named Hana who is a student who falls in love with a werewolf with whom she gets two children-daughter Yuki and son Ame.

However, although everything was excellent at the beginning, her husband was killed during hunting, and now Hana has to fight for her half-wolf children. Their wolf side must remain undiscovered, so the family moves to the village.

3. Spice and Wolf

“Spice and Wolf” is an anime series that was broadcast in the period from January 9 (2008) to September 24 (2009), for two seasons. The story follows a young man named Kraft Lawrence who is 25 years old and is a traveling merchant. During a visit to Pasloe, he finds a wolf-deity transforming itself into a 15-year-old girl.

This is actually a goddess of harvest called Holo and has helped this city to have a good harvest for years, but now it believes people have turned to other ways of protecting their crops, so it’s time to go to its homeland. They go together in an adventure where they meet new areas, while Holo also helps Lawrence to improve his trading skills.

So, these are the best wolf anime series that you can watch right now. Of course, the list is based on fans votes so there is no doubt that any of these anime series is the right choice if you are an anime fan and you will definitely not make a mistake selecting any of these.