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5 Ways to Become More Proficient in Essay Writing

by Ingeborg

Our life consists of challenges and accomplishments that give us specific knowledge. You probably know how important it is to improve different skills to simplify your life. As a student, you will have to do lots of homework, and writing assignments is one such task. The writing skill changes throughout the student years: you will fail, create excellent texts, notice your strong and weak sides.

In this article, we will explain which things can contribute to your essay writing. Remember that perfection has no limits. Here, we will discuss the skills, specific knowledge, and attitudes towards your paperwork to promote your essay writing skills to a whole new level.

1. The Power of Literacy


Grammar, punctuation, and style are critical for writing a coherent essay. Thanks to these three elements, a person who reads your work will understand what you are trying to communicate. Learn more about sentence structure and punctuation. If you want to include a citation or a dialogue in your work, you should know the right formatting. Besides, punctuation can make your persuasive essay, for instance, more effective.

As for the style or tone of voice, it is something that evolves together with you. If you compare your older essays with the recent ones, you will see how it has changed. Is it engaging enough? Do you sound confident? Answer these questions to see what should be changed. Keep in mind that an academic essay is about persuasion, confidence, and ability to prove your point.

2. Organize and Analyze the Material


All the material you find for your essay will form your body part, which is the core of the text. You must organize the content correctly: connect the paragraphs logically, tell about one idea per paragraph, and underpin your citations’ facts. However, if you see that you need more text to uncover the issue, split it into several even sections.

As you are working with the theme, group the material according to the arguments, it proves. The sequence of the sequence is vital for the reader – he or she must understand what you are trying to convey. Start with the most central idea, and then move to the less strong ones also, if these appeared at different times, make the right temporal order.

3. Read Others’ Works


Some may call it a subtle art of stealing, however, taking an idea from this and that text will make your essay a masterpiece. The point is that people tend to like something grand and beautiful; therefore, whenever you see a solid essay written by one of your mates or other people, you should make the best of it for your future works.

Some students ask their mates to review the paper for mistakes, and you can also use the opportunity to learn something from the writing style of another person. The tone of voice develops as you read more. Whether it is a fiction, scientific work, or narrative essay, there will be something that you can add to your work.

4. Enrich Your Vocabulary


It would be best if you enrich your vocabulary by using diverse methods. First and foremost, studies and communication with professors are not enough to expand your word stock. A person with a diverse vocabulary can better explain the idea. Here are several ways you may like to enrich your word stock:

Find some mobile app that sends you a word of the day. With this simple solution, you can be sure that you will learn at least one new word.

Read different genres of literature. Sure, some of the ‘serious’ books will seem difficult sometimes; however, you can always refer to some glossarial vocabularies.

Refer to thesaurus anytime you need. Remember that it is not a shame not to know something; however, it is not smart to meet an unknown word several times and still don’t know its meaning.

Try starting a vocabulary book. As a kid, you probably had this notebook with the new words you learn at school. Well, you can try to have this notepad even today. You can add the words from the app, book, or some catchy synonyms you learn every day in your note. Try to organize the notebook in language, sources, and months for more fun!

5. Final Revision and Editing


You should always check your text. Revise grammar, sentence correctness, punctuation marks when the work is done. It is better to do this in the end so that you don’t distract from writing. If you have been working on the essay for the whole day – leave the revisioning part for the next day when you are with fresh vigor. Although, you may hire paperwriter.com and order editing for your work on any service like paperwriter.com

Another essential way to improve your editing skills is to be critical towards yourself and be ready to change the text. It might happen that your essay does not look the way it should. For instance, you see that one of the paragraphs is well-written; however, it does not work well for the topic’s entire idea. Don’t feel sorry for the work you have done and delete the paragraph. You can always do better.

Keep in mind that you can ask your teacher to get you feedback. It is essential to know whether you are going in the right direction, and extensive feedback can simplify everything. Such revision will be helpful as it may include some thoughts on your tone of voice and, let’s be honest, it can be hard to define your style until someone tells you about it.