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How to Manage Your Instagram Business Account in a Proper Way?

by Elsa Stringer

Having a business Instagram account is one of the crucial ways to increase your sales and to inform potential clients about what you are offering. It’s a wonderful way to show what you have, knowing that it’s basically a photo and video platform, with short descriptions, so the client may know what’s going on.

When this social media first came out in 2010, no one imagined that it will become a huge one day. People were using it as a photoblog, adding weird effects and filters to their camera photos, and then publishing them to the news feed, waiting for the friends to like them.

We all remember the times when only low-quality square photos were allowed, but after Facebook bought Instagram, they allowed many other options, like publishing different sizes and dimensions, then geo-tagging, using it as an ad platform, publishing short videos up to one minute, releasing the IGTV for longer videos, and of course, the IG stories which are accessible for 24 hours from the moment the content is published. Today, we can’t imagine our life without it. Many popular figures are using this platform to offer their products or to promote some brand.


If you have your business, consider creating an Instagram account for it, because there will always be some content to publish, that will ensure you increased sales and becoming more recognizable between your potential customers. According to Digital muscle, one of the most popular SEO companies in Australia, you must optimize your content so it can be ranked higher on search engines, so you should create a proper strategy for that, determine the keywords and keyphrases you will use, and then start publishing your exceptional posts followed by a few high-traffic hashtags.

Here are a few tips on how to manage your corporate IG account:

1. Switch it to business profile mode


This is maybe not the most important thing you need to do at the beginning, but it’s always good to know that you already have this option. And, how is it different than the standard choice? It allows you to follow the insights, and always know if the traffic is increased, decreased, or it just follows one line with no ups and downs. These insights are important so you can adjust your strategy and proceed running the profile like a marketing pro.

2. Write an attractive bio


Write a short description of what is this account for, who is owning it, and what is your mission. People always want to know what you have to offer, in order to give you their follow. It’s allowed to use emoji if you think that’s appropriate too. Also, you can include the link of your website here, because IG still doesn’t allow posting links in the photo descriptions. Your mission is to bring more traffic to your service, so don’t forget the link in bio.

3. Use your corporate logo as a profile image


If you think that the logo by itself is not attractive enough, you can incorporate it into a beautiful profile picture design, using the same colors and fonts, so the clients can recognize it. The most important thing when presenting your brand is to make it recognizable for the people, so when they see familiar colors and shapes, they can always know who you are.

4. Create basic guidelines for how you will you publish the content


Will you use the logo as a watermark on every photo? Or you may want to get creative in many other ways? Will you use an outline for the descriptions? Everything is important if you want to be recognizable, so you must pay attention even to the things and details that don’t seem important at the beginning.

5. Set some goals


What do you want to accomplish? Getting more followers? Increasing the traffic on your website? Getting in touch with popular Instagram figures so you can promote your product together with them? First, you need to build a loyal community around your brand and publish relevant content, so you can keep them active on your profile. If you publish a lot, they may unfollow you, so it’s always a bad idea to spam. Keep it simple, but attractive. To explore options for buying Instagram followers at affordable rates, you can check out IncrediTools guides on reliable services to help boost your following.

6. Choose the concept that works the best for you


In order to make your business profile recognizable, Instagram is offering you a lot of creative options, without restrictions as long as you follow the terms and conditions. It’s always a good idea to build a style that will be recognizable, so when the people visit the explore-tab and they see your color scheme and fonts, they will know who that photo belongs. This doesn’t mean you need to have a generic writing or photo style, but it’s always better to have something that will make you one and only between all those similar accounts.

7. Analyze the results


As you turn your account to a business model, you will be able to see all the insights that are necessary so you can know what to do next. You will see how your posts perform, and what makes them viral. Compare your most successful posts and create a brand new, but still similar strategy for your next one.

There is no science behind this, you only need to know how to use the moment, and how to combine your knowledge and experience, so you can create a viral and successful post.

Instagram is a nice place to publish your creative content and ads, so you can gain more website traffic and profile visits.

That will later increase the purchases and your income. If you can’t run it by yourself, or you don’t know how to do that, it’s always a good idea to hire a communications and branding specialist, who will also create a proper strategy for your brand, and will run the corporate social accounts. Sometimes, these young people know a lot more than anyone else, without even having a college degree in marketing. They just know how to use technology so they can get most of its benefits.