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5 Benefits Of In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems

by William Gist

This year, most of us will spend our summer vacation at home. This can sometimes be very convenient – especially if you have a pool. However, the pool must be ready for the summer season. This primarily refers to maintenance and cleaning. Now you are already thinking about hours and hours of hard work. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Have you thought about the benefits of the in-floor pool cleaning? You can find out more about this topic in the text before you.

Summer Vacation At Home: Enjoying Your Own Pool


This summer, a few of us will dare to go anywhere for vacation. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, fewer people will want or have the opportunity to travel and enjoy a carefree summer vacation. Perhaps the most beautiful and safest way to spend your summer vacation this year – is to stay at home and enjoy the benefits of your backyard.

Especially if you have a swimming pool. Your pool can give you the summer atmosphere but also the feeling that you are on a real vacation. However, what is important, even when swimming in your own pool – is good hygiene. This certainly means regular and efficient cleaning. How are you going to do that? There are several options. Have you heard of in-floor pool cleaning? If not, we will try to show you some of the benefits of this way of maintaining hygiene in your pool.

Self-Cleaning Systems


We all love to enjoy the pool. After all, summer is the right time for that. Still, few of us could boast of enjoying cleaning as well. This is the reason why a large number of owners decide to purchase automated pool cleaners, the so-called robotic cleaners. These products are very popular. They make the cleaning process much easier, but they are not completely automatic. Therefore, more and more people are turning to so-called self-cleaning systems. What is that all about?

What Are In-Floor Cleaners?

You may or may not have heard of in-floor pool cleaners before. And maybe you just didn’t know exactly what it was about. The principle of their work is extremely efficient and simple. This system is also called pop-ups. This is because they jump out of the floor of the pool in which they are installed, to clean themselves. After that, they pull themselves back inside. Alternately and as needed, these devices rise off the level and spray the jet.

On that occasion, the water collector does its part by changing the flow of water – and the succession of the jet directs the filtered debris towards the deeper end of the pool, where it will be sucked by drains or skimmers. These in-floor cleaners are often sold as an additional feature for common types of cleaners. There are several types of in-floor cleaners, and each has its benefits. We will present some of them to you – before you start the action of preparing your pool for the summer season.

How The In-Floor Pool Cleaners Work?


Pool cleaners like this can be very practical, but you don’t buy them like other ‘piecemeal’ parts. An average-sized pool can have as many as 15 or more of these pop-up heads. Although it may seem like too many – it is not much, because they are deployed in strategic locations. Each of these pop-up heads has its mechanism that discharges the purified water – which then goes in a certain direction towards the main drain. The drain then sucks up the dirt that goes to the sewer.

5 Benefits Of In-Floor Pool Cleaning Systems

1. Can Be Used On Any Type Of Pool

The benefit of such cleaners is that they are truly versatile, so they can be utilized in various sorts of pools. However, according to CompassNewcastle.com.au, it is a smart thought to talk with professionals and installers before building a pool. Regardless of whether it is solid, vinyl, or fiberglass substrates, this can be a good option for you. Nonetheless, it is suggested that you counsel an expert before you choose to begin with work. Remember that such systems should be integrated before building a pool. There is a possibility to do it later, yet such intercession is extremely requesting and over the top expensive.

2. Automatic Cleaning And Sanitary Protection

Installing an In-Floor Pool cleaner will save you time and money in the long run. Namely, you do not have to think about when you will be able to take the time to clean the pool during the day. You don’t have to use the vacuum that you have to operate manually – but these systems automatically do everything for you by improving water circulation and distributing heat evenly. You can be sure that it will remove all the dirt from your pool for which you previously had to use chlorine and strong chemicals.


3. They Are Better Than Robots

Pool cleaning robots are not a fully automated way to complete cleaning without your presence. You have to bring them in, set them up, move them, and clean them. You will not have such problems with in-floor cleaners. They simply do everything themselves.

4. They Are Not Loud When Working

You will not feel the in-floor systems. And we mean that literally. Namely, when working, you will not hear them, which is not the case with robotic cleaners. On the other hand, these devices have proven to be energy efficient. Although electricity consumption is one of the biggest fears when it comes to new users – we can say with certainty that in the long run, you will understand the benefits of this type of pool cleaning.

5. They Are Almost Invisible And Do Not Require Additional Equipment

Since you install such a cleaning system on the floor inside the pool – you no longer have to worry about accessories. You can forget all those hoses or cables that burdened you – and finally, just relax in the pool. Aesthetics also go in favor of these cleaners. Namely, since the cleaner nozzles are built into the pool floor – they are almost invisible, and you won’t even notice them.