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How to Become a Professional Esports Gamer

by Jajce d Muckic

For a long time playing video games was considered to be a complete waste of time. Teenagers playing for hours enraged the parents who simply wanted their kids to start doing something more productive. However, with technology development, esports started gaining bigger and bigger attention from players. Not only it is fun, but it is very lucrative too. Earning money while playing a game sounds like science fiction, but it is very real, believe us.

Generation Z, born from 1995 to 2010, already got scholarships worth almost $7 million to enable the best gamers to go pro in esports. When you think about it, it is really no wonder that this generation started going this way because they already communicate and play with various people around the world online, so why not join a competition this way as well? We really can’t see any reason why not, we must say.

How to start an esports career?


Before we explain how to start earning by engaging professionally in esports, it is important to mention just how beneficial gaming actually is. It enables the players to improve some social skills such as time management, teamwork, strategic thinking and also improve their confidence significantly. If you are a parent of a passionate gamer, there is really no reason why you should be worried. You can offer your guidance and pieces of advice concerning the direction your child should go to.

The first thing that someone interested in professional esports should do is to choose only one game. Playing multiple games can only mean that your child will be scattered around and won’t polish his skills and excel in any of the games. The best thing is to choose one that he likes the most and to see everything that this game can give.


Pick one Gaming Platform

With numerous gaming platforms, sometimes it’s not easy to choose only one. However, depending on the chosen game, there is a platform that is more or less suitable for practicing. Two main ways for playing and polishing the skills are by using PC and Xbox. The choice mainly depends on the budget and the commitment to invest.

Do your research

There are numerous tutorials online that can help you to improve your skills and progress. The esports games are complex and sometimes even a piece of small advice can help you go further and level up. Being up-to-date with all the news is truly necessary and recommended to be able to be the best at what you do.


Communicate and practice

Communication with the other players who love the same game as you will improve your confidence, but also help you to build your own network. With numerous social networks and forums, this task has never been easier.

When you meet a lot of people who are interested in the same things you are, you can engage in regular playing. This is the only way you can polish your skills and improve even more. No one can become better without practicing. If you wish to perfect your game, visit legionafarm.com.


Join Summer Camps

This is, of course, applicable only to teenagers, because these camps are usually organized just for teenagers aged 14-18 years, but there are sometimes those for 10-13 years old kids. These camps are ideal for learning from successful gamers who already managed to build their careers in the gaming industry. It is a perfect opportunity to learn what to focus on and how to improve the skills, strengthen confidence and make progress.

Join online tournaments

Playing a team sport means that you will need to be a part of the team and meet other players. There are also gaming leagues that you should participate in to be able to be a part of the championship tournaments. The main prize for some tournaments is cash, so make sure you do your research before you join, so you are fully familiar with each aspect.

Be present online

Professional gamers usually build an army of fans over time, so you should make sure that your communication with the fans and other players is open and respectful. This will lead to other opportunities such as creating tutorials and blogs and expanding your overall online presence in general. The internet gives us numerous opportunities. Keep in mind that the Internet memorizes everything, so be very careful about the way you communicate with other people online.


Stay healthy

Thinking that because you are engaged in esports, you don’t need to behave like real sports players is a misconception. It is very important to pay attention to nutrition. Eating healthy is one of the prime conditions for being healthy, so forget about junk food and turn to fruit and vegetables. Also, it is important to engage in physical activity daily to avoid any health issues later on. Sitting for a prolonged period in the same position can cause various back issues and injuries related to gaming.

Most injuries are related to the hands because of the repetitive motions that are not natural for us, so it is very important to take breaks frequently and seek treatment if necessary. Also, sleeping for at least 8 hours a night is crucial for recovery and better functioning during the day. This is especially important for parents to know and explain to their kids the importance of sleeping sufficiently. Brains need time to recover and process the information. Sleep deprivation can cause various health and behavioral issues.

Following these steps will certainly lead to a successful esports career. Parents should keep in mind that their kids need their support and guidance, so even if you have some issues about the way your child is engaged in playing daily, make sure you communicate well and point out all the necessary steps your child needs to take to preserve his health. Other than that, the only thing left to do is to play! Pick a favorite game and start perfecting your skills and enjoying with other players.