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Beautiful Watches That Are Super Durable

by Dangula Bingula

If you are someone who likes being outdoors you might have been advised to buy a sturdy watch to hold up to a rough (or even reckless) way of life. There are many durable watches available in the market but soon you will realize most of them require you to compromise aesthetics for functionality.

But what if you don’t want to make that sacrifice, are there magical watches that look sleek and classy but are also great performance-wise? Yes, manufacturers, these days work hard to balance the quality of the inside and outside of the watch, creating beautiful yet durable watches. Following are some of them:

Before you buy a watch that is strong and pretty, you must realize that being a durable watch does not mean being an indestructible watch. If you mistreat your watch, like throw it off a cliff, you will break it and will have to search google to get it repaired. Soflypart.com is a good shop for watch movements for sale.

Casio DW5600E


Presumably, this watch is the best $40 you can spend in the watch world. The DW5600E is an exemplary “beater” watch — it’s almost difficult to annihilate, and on the off chance that you do figure out how to obliterate it, you’re likely not going to stress a lot over it. With its built-in caution and stopwatch, this is a watch that is intended to be put through a lot of hardship.

Timex X Todd Snyder Military


In light of a Timex plan from the 1970s and refreshed with present-day case extents, a solidified mineral glass crystal stone, and a quartz development, the 40mm Timex X Todd Snyder Military watch is ideal for the field. What’s more, it comes with a nylon sneak past strap and 24-hour dial.

Citizen Promaster Tough


The Promaster Tough is powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, which charges through surrounding light and never requires a battery or assistance. Pair this with an ultra-intense, monocoque case that is 5x harder than normal steel, Super Lumi-Nova-lined hands and markers, and extraordinary protection from stun and attraction, and you have a watch that can last pretty much until the end of time.

Seiko SKX007


The Seiko SKX007 has demonstrated to be one of the most well known, robust dive watches of the past 20 years. With its programmed development and legible day-date dial, the 007 looks impeccable with an elastic strap or the discretionary Jubilee-style wristband.

Marathon Pilot’s Navigator with Tritium


Created in line with Kelley Air Force Base for use by pilots and paratroopers, the Navigator is an extreme as-nails military watch. Highlighting an awry case, 12-hour bezel, quartz development, and tritium tubes for brightening in low-light conditions, this mil-spec timepiece shows up prepared for anything.

Orient Mako USA II


It’s hard to contend with a plunge watch that has an in-house automatic development, unidirectional 120-click bezel, day-date capacity, and sapphire crystal for just $315. Accessible with a white, dark, or blue dial, this is a watch that punches path over its weight class and looks incredible in pretty much any condition.

Suunto Traverse Alpha


The Traverse Alpha is a genuine outside watch for the genuine outdoors people. On the off chance that its powerful GPS highlight set wasn’t sufficient, you get chasing and angling highlights, for example, a moon stage schedule, shot identification, dawn alert, climate patterns, and the sky is the limit from there. It’s additionally water-impervious to 100m and highlights a sapphire gem.

Luminox Master Carbon SEAL 3801


Luminox has been making looks for the U.S. Naval force SEALs throughout recent years, and the Carbon SEAL 3801 epitomizes a lot of what an extraordinary administrator may search for in a watch. The 3801 highlights a Carbonox case, 300m of water obstruction, dark elastic strap, tritium tube brightening, and an anti-reflective intelligent sapphire crystal.

Alsta Nautoscaph II


While maybe generally renowned as the watch Richard Dreyfuss wore in “Jaws,” the Alsta Nautoscaph remains all alone as a vigorous skin diver, ideal for the water whether or not a shark assault is inescapable. With an automated Seiko NH35 development and a case that is waterproof down to 300m, the Nautoscaph II has unadulterated 1960s looks with a 2018 list of capabilities.

Mkii Paradive Gen. 3

In view of the celebrated Benrus Type I and II divers given to U.S. extraordinary activities and paramilitary faculty, the Paradive is a cutting edge device. Various bezel choices, a lopsided steel case, the strong NE15 automatic development, and an absence of marking on the dial make this a definitive mil-spec-style watch update.

Damasko DA 36


Damasko has been discreetly making probably the best moderate apparatus looks out there, and their DA 36 specifically is a superb present-day take on the great instrument watch. Including a 40mm solidified steel case, day-date development, and ultra-clear dial, the DA 36 is the ideal regular watch for the adventurer.


You may have the option to discover less expensive durable and beautiful watches in the market, yet with less expensive forms, you’ll run into issues – a significant number of the watches that we were thinking about adding to the rundown didn’t hold up after some time.

Peruse the reviews of each on Amazon to get a firm handle on what others think, and afterward place an order to get your watch. Good Luck!