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Banking Digitalization Trends 2024

by Ingeborg

Now, everyone can access to the internet and smartphones, and the banking or finance industry has also coped up with this digital, and tech-advanced world. Banks have evolved mainly the way they run and interact with consumers. Moving towards IT development, more than 40% of retail banks have upgraded their digital infrastructure. To find out what kind of software development modern companies order, you can check out FortySeven47.

Banking digitalization trends are witnessing a great transformation, attracting clients and developers alike. These changing trends have positively impacted the growth in the banking industry. Today, there are better opportunities, higher client and employee retention, lower risk threshold, and frequent networking, thanks to the following digitalization trends:

Increased Use of Blockchain Technology


Even though Blockchain was significantly related to cryptocurrency until last year, it has a significant impact on other industries this year, including banking. Its advanced, efficient way of tracking data, holding information, and transactions have made it a reliable digital banking aspect.

As we entered 2024, Fintech businesses and traditional banks saw Blockchain’s increasing influence in the industry. Its successful implementation will allow transparent and safer transactions, enabling B2B and B2C platforms to make the most out of digital banking.

Mobile Applications


Nowadays, technology gets advanced that many applications have been developed for the banking sector. Customers can easily access their bank accounts and make unlimited transactions without going to the bank. Digital banking has come out to be feasible and easily accessible.

User-friendly mobile applications add to the convenience and quick access. A single tap helps you access your banking statement, make your payments, and transact significant amounts, all in a secure manner. Thus, no matter the size of your bank or related business, developing a mobile app should be your topmost concern.

Nowadays, every person uses smartphones, and it is easy for them to access their banks digitally through these applications. It ensures complete security and safety while dealing with your accounts and personal information.

AI Automated Security


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped banks provide automated security to their clients, reducing cyber threats and security risks. Every customer wants his information to be secured. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence security is leading that part and helping clients in protecting their confidential information.

Digital banking platforms apply AI algorithms to keep track of user data, common patterns, digital access, and transactions. It is quite effective than any other security mechanisms. Continuous development and evolving AI technology are changing the world of digital banking. In the future, people across the globe will experience a drastic change in the financial sector, and everything will become so easy for customers.

QR Codes


Here comes the most popular banking digitalization trend of 2024. While the world moved from cash to cards in the last decade, it has moved from cards to QR codes today. Even though credit cards and debit cards are still in use, QR codes are rapidly taking over.

Be it a POP or POS purchase; you need not have a credit card with you anymore. This trend has enabled credit card companies and banks to participate in Green movements. Also, it will improve mobile banking to a great extent.

Identification by Biometric


A person identified by its biometric is another digital finance sector feature that has been added to secure banking access. From fingerprints to face IDs, digital banking apps are using various biometric ways to identify and allow access and transactions. The main purpose of this advanced technology is to offer an extreme level of security. In this way, nobody can hack or access your bank account without permission yours.

Even if you lose your smartphone or any mobile device, your data and money remain secure. It is possible to log in to your details in a different device through biometrics. Anyone who steals your mobile will not be able to open your account. Nowadays, this technology is relatively standard, and every banking company is using it to provide additional security to their customers.

Streamlined Billing

Nowadays, it is possible to make payments for the bills or buy anything through online platforms. One can shop anything from various web portals. There are different ways to pay money for what you purchased. If we consider the digital payment gateways, then you can pay other than credit and debit cards.

There are many applications like Google Pay, Paytm, etc., that offer a secure mode to make payment directly through your bank accounts. These applications are helpful enough to transfer funds from one account to another with ease.

The billing process has now become streamlined, and you can do everything digitally. It reduces people’s efforts of going banks and shopping stores repeatedly. This digitalization trend in the financial sector has been a drastic change, and it is also changing the entire structure of payments across the globe.

Voice Assistance for Banking


It is another advanced feature in the digital banking sector. People can access their accounts and make transactions accordingly. The technology detects and understands your voice and do whatever you say to it. The security is quite crucial for the banks to their customers.

Therefore, they ensure that the clients can access their accounts without getting hacked or any difficulty. No one wants to follow a bank that lacks these factors. These services help a person to invest his time, money, and effort in a reputable financial institution.

Final Thoughts

Banking digitally is experiencing quality transformations by implementing the latest technological trends and incorporating user-friendly features. It allows banks and other businesses to ensure higher security and stability.

Nowadays, so many changes are going on in the finance industry. The future generation must ready for this change in terms of technology and security. Everyone seeks to have digital access to everything, and it is possible in the present.

Due to an increase in the banking digitalization trends, the future is brightening due to upcoming advanced technologies. These digital services are necessary to shape the future of any business structure. It is essential to work on this field and make sure your business stays updated with such trends to survive the digital competition.