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Asian Hairstyles for Those Who Want to Be in Trend

by Tracy Finke

Many stylists and fashionistas worldwide admire the ease with which Asians create trendy hairstyles. Different variations of bob haircuts, cute bangs, a good selection of accessories, subtle ombre coloring, and balayage — all these trends you want to apply to your hair.

Various fashionable haircuts and colors allow you to create an image that suits individual facial features and your style. Asians naturally have beautiful shiny and dense hair, but do not forget about treatment and carefully select a haircut. Refreshing a dull look is easy, inspired by unusual ideas from Asia. These fashionistas have a lot to learn!

Asian Female Hairstyles

Source: hairstylecamp.com

There are many ways to make your hair as beautiful and lively as Asian girls have: a combination of hair care with a trendy haircut and coloring will be a win-win option.

Hair care

  • Do not underestimate this point. Gorgeous hair is not only a gift of genetics but also the result of careful daily work. Everyone knows the multistage system of Korean facial care, but not everyone knows that they take care of their hair no less.
  • The secret to healthy hair is gentle sulfate-free shampoos, masks, and conditioners.
  • Massage of the scalp accelerates hair growth. Scrubbing provides deep cleansing. Koreans consider the regular use of tonics, sprays, and serums equally important.
  • Such a system will not only make your hair healthy but will also keep the dyed strands beautiful.

Hair coloring

Source: hairstylecamp.com

  • Going all out in classic chocolate brown or black is a wise choice if you want the ultimate Asian look. Strands dyed in dark colors look more voluminous and refresh the face. Combined with Korean care, this solution will give your hair an incredible shine.
  • Fashionistas with hair dyed in bright pastel colors can be a good example for those who want to stand out in the crowd. The choice is huge, so pick the shade you like: blue, pink, or lilac.
  • Blonde strands (also known as money pieces) near the face look cool. This dyeing method assumes that the rest of the hair remains dark.
  • Balayage. Asian stylists know how to create perfect highlights, although their clients’ hair is usually tricky to lighten. Look on those sun-kissed highlights in caramel shades or a soft burgundy hue on dark strands. Looks stylish, bright, and neat! You can find examples of such work and inspiration here. There are many trendy options: for different skin tones and hair structure.


  • A common element of Asian haircuts is cute see-through fringe. It is easier to care for and will add lightness and texture to your hairstyle.
  • Asian pixie will appeal to lovers of short haircuts. Elegant layers will perfectly emphasize your femininity.
  • Asians have come up with a huge variety of bob haircuts. Such popularity is explained by the fact that this hairstyle makes a woman younger and looks chic. Pay attention to the Chinese bob — this variation has rounded and heavily textured layers.
  • The asymmetrical bob is also trendy among Asian beauties. They curl their hair into waves for a romantic yet tousled look.
  • The Japanese have revived their ancient princess hairstyle, which is now one of the main trends. Hime haircut is suitable for those who have long, straight hair. The crisp, cheek-length layers at the front and straight bangs are easy to do but add a light-hearted and mysterious touch to your style.

Asian Male Hairstyles

Source: allthingshair.com

As in the case of women’s hairstyles, men’s ones are minimalistic but creative. Asians can beat the classic male haircut in a new way by adding an unusual accent.


  • To look younger, try making a thin and neat knot on your head. The sides in such hairstyles are usually low faded.
  • For owners of thin hair, a fashionable men’s haircut with tapered sides and a lush upper part is an ideal option. Hair styled to the side.
  • Mullet. Asians know how to give this haircut a special style. They color the long, straight hair in different shades, and the French cut on top adds more volume to the strands. The sides are fading.
  • Asian stylists have interpreted traditional African hairstyles in their own way. Men wear neat short dreads and braids that look like rough tops with clear sides.

Hair dyeing

Source: meappropriatestyle.com

  • Silver balayage. Such highlighting will add volume to the strands and refresh the image. You can choose a natural coloring to give solidity to the hairstyle or a full silver sheen.
  • For a puffy top haircut, you can select a contrasting coloring. The cheeky look has a blonde top and black sides.
  • For fashionable guys with dark hair and pale skin, Asians offer to dye part of their strands in a light blue shade. Add such a stylish element, and you will always stand out in the crowd.
  • Burgundy hair is not the first season in the trend. This color goes well with a lushly textured hairstyle.


  1. To keep your Asian style looking as great as its creators, thoroughly cleanse and moisturize your strands. Shiny and healthy hair is one of the keys to a stunning look.
  1. Creating Asian haircuts and coloring requires great skills. Responsibly treat the search for a stylist who will do the job efficiently and accurately.
  1. Save a few photos before consulting with the stylist so that he understands what result needs to be achieved. You and your stylist can see lilac color differently.

Creative hairstyles are the merit of not only Korean and Japanese stylists but also ordinary guys and girls who love fashion. Undoubtedly, they have an innate sense of style, and it doesn’t matter your skin tone, hair, or eye color. Asians have created an incredible amount of trendy looks for everyone. You will definitely find your perfect hairstyle.