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Buying Property In St Kitts And Nevis 2024: A Guide For Expats

by Tracy Finke

Doesn’t living in the Caribbean sound like a dream life? Sun, ocean, sandy beaches, and cocktails are our first association with that part of the world. If you answered yes, then prepare for the possibility of working with sunsets and warm sand on the beaches of Aruba while spending time with bare feet in a bathing suit. The best climate here is from December to April, and from May to October is the rainy season, which is also hurricane time.

St. Kitts and Nevis is a Caribbean island that exudes many natural beauties and for this reason, is a very popular tourist destination. Although until the end of the last century this island was full of accommodation units of modest content, luxury resorts soon began to be built because they  became a real attraction for both local and foreign tourists. If you are thinking about buying real estate on this beautiful island, there are several guidelines that will help you.

Think about what you need

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First and foremost is the object’s purpose. If you plan to rent an accommodation unit, then it can be smaller, but it can meet the needs of the guests. Think about whether you want to stay there from time to time and what you need during your stay. If you decide to live on the island, the property should be more comfortable.


And the location is something that completely depends on the purpose of the real estate. Tourists like to have a beach near them, and it is desirable to have a set list, a cafe, and a supermarket nearby. Those who plan to live there should pay attention to the neighborhood, the distance to the hospital, post office, school, or some other institution that is important to be easily accessible.


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This part of the Caribbean is considered very favorable for investment because real estate prices are lower than in other Caribbean countries. When we talk specifically about St Kitts and Nevis, prices are higher in St Kitts, but more stable in Nevis).

Investment advantages for investors

There are many reasons that indicate that investing in real estate in St Kitts and Nevis is the right choice, and one of them is certainly the fact that the taxation system is very favorable, and that you are exempt from many types of taxation, such as taxes on income, capital gains, and so on.


Before you start looking for real estate, it is important to find out about the necessary documentation. Buying land on this island is very simple and anyone can buy it, regardless of whether they are part of the local population or a foreign investor. Moreover, you can also get citizenship in a very simple way, with the CBI program. You can find more about it at https://imperiallegal.com/real-estate-in-st-kitts-nevis.

Property taxes

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The tax rate is different in St Kitts and Nevis, and also depends on other factors such as location, property type, and size. What is good is that the government approves loans, as well as some benefits, which certainly benefit many people.

Help from a real estate agent

The state grants a license to a real estate agent and thus gives him the authority to engage in real estate-related business. It is necessary to pass a professional exam in order for a person to obtain the title of licensed real estate agent. In addition to this knowledge, the agent deals with the purchase and demand of residential units every day knows the subject matter and is informed if there is a fall or rise in prices on the market. All of the above is very valuable when you need help.

It’s always good to seek the help of a real estate agent because that’s the only way you’ll see the best offers. It is important to be open with the agent and to say what exactly you are looking for, as well as what your budget is. With a few key pieces of information, we are sure that you will quickly find a property that meets all your criteria. Find out about the experience of real estate agents. An agent with extensive experience in real estate mediation will not waste your time and take you on a tour of properties that do not match your needs and desires. Many consider this an additional expense, but believe me, you will save a lot of time, and time is money, right?

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People who plan to live in these countries should be ready for a relaxed and simple life, to approach with an open mind, and ready for new adventures and challenges. You have to be adaptable and aware that this is a third-world country and that things work differently than most of us are probably used to.

The Caribbean is still unexplored and only 2% of the islands are inhabited. The Caribbean is multicultural and you can hear many languages and see many races from all over the world. People are extremely cordial, warm, open, and always ready to help, and that is what they are known for as a people. They know how to enjoy the little things. They are quite loud and often temperamental.

Are you thinking about buying real estate, your first family haven, or maybe you want to replace your current home with that real estate? Such an important decision is not made overnight, nor can you make it without the professional help of people from different walks of life.

First of all, you must be sufficiently informed about the movement of real estate prices on the market in order to know whether your wishes and possibilities are just a distant dream or a reality.

There are many things to visit and see in St Kitts and Nevis. Take your chance and enjoy life, no matter if you are here as a tourist or a future inhabitant.