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Are Jorlai Record Players Any Good

by Tracy Finke

What makes a record player good? Is it the looks, the sound, the brand, connectivity or all of the above? Well, if you guessed all of the above, then you were right. On that note, the question we are pondering today is – are Jorlai record players any good?

The answer to that question isn’t as simple as it seems. So, in order to answer it, we’ve decided to take a really close look at this record player and break everything down, component by component, until we reach the final verdict. So, without further ado – let’s begin.


Source: amazon.com

The Jorlai record player is not your regular record player, although it might seem like it at first glance. However, just like any other record player, this one can play at three speeds – 78, 45, and 33 RPM, and it can also support 12, 10, and 7-inch records. But that’s pretty standard. What’s not standard is that this record player also comes with a USB-B connector that allows you to connect the Jorlai record player to your personal computer and rip the music from vinyl to a digital, MP3 format.

In addition to all of that, the Jorlai RP also comes with a rechargeable battery that can run this bad boy for a few hours, so if you want to take this one out in the woods while you go camping – you can. Not a lot of things can beat roasting smores while listening to some B.B. King on vinyl.

Furthermore, this player also comes with a set of built-in speakers, so if you don’t own a sound setup at your place – you can simply play the music straight from the RP. This is also good for when you’re on the move.

And, finally, the Jorlai RP can also be connected to your phone or some other compatible device via Bluetooth if you need some extra kick while listening to music. So, essentially, you also get a Bluetooth speaker with this one.

The Features

Now that we’ve gotten acquainted with the Jorlai record player let’s take a better look at all the essential features we’ve just mentioned, alongside a few other things.


Source: amazon.com

Just by looking at this device, you could say that it kind of looks like your regular record player, with some minor changes to the design.

When closed, this one looks like a briefcase. While some might not like the appeal of a record player looking like a briefcase, this wasn’t an accidental design. Seeing how this one can be battery-powered, it is only natural to design something that’s easily portable.

The Jorlai RP is available in five eye-catching colors so everyone can find the one that suits their style the most. It’s available in blue, white, lavender, turquoise, and wood. Our personal favorite would have to be wood, but the white one also looks incredible.

Sound And Reproduction

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this one can play 12, 10, and 7-inch records at three speeds – 78, 45, and 33 RPM. That is more than enough to play just about anything that you have, so that’s a great start.

As far as sound quality is concerned – it is not great. It’s not bad, don’t get us wrong, but it won’t blow your mind. The built-in speakers are decent quality – they’re decently loud, they’re clean sounding, and they do have quite a bit of range.

However, they are a bit muddy in the low end, so if you like something fast-paced and bass-heavy – you might want to get this one hooked up to an external speaker. Also, the player can also sometimes sound a bit over-the-top in the upper register, but according to zerotodrum.com that’s a common problem with speakers of this size.

Now, we wouldn’t worry too much about it. After all, at this price point – you can’t really buy anything that sounds better and offers this many features.


Source: amazon.com

One of the reasons we’ve said that you should worry too much about the sound quality are the ports on the back of this thing. From left to right, the Jorlai record player comes with a USB-B port, a 3.5mm audio jack input, an RCA output, and a 5V power port.  On the front, you can also find a 3.5mm audio jack input (headphone jack).

All these ports are what makes this one special. The USB-B port will allow you to connect this player to your PC and help you rip vinyl to MP3, although we don’t really know why anyone would do that. If you have vinyl – play vinyl. But, the option’s there if you need it.

Next up, we have a 3.5 auxiliary input through which you can connect an external device and feed audio to the player and use it as an external speaker. Although, you could just do this with Bluetooth.

The RCA ports are the reason we said you shouldn’t worry about the sound quality. This record player can easily be hooked up to an external set of speakers, and even though it won’t have the juice to power some High-Fidelity stuff – it’ll work perfectly with most consumer-grade speaker setups.

In addition to all of that, you also have a Bluetooth connection – but more on that in the following paragraph.

Additional Features

First up, we have Bluetooth connectivity. However, even though this is a great feature – it only works in a single direction. So, you can hook up your phone to this record player and use it as a Bluetooth speaker, but you can’t connect this record player to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. For Bluetooth output – you’re going to need a separate dongle. Or, you can just use 3.5mm and RCA audio ports.

Next up, we have a rechargeable battery, which is arguably the best feature of the Jorlai RP. The battery’s 2100 mAh, which is not a lot, but it should offer you 3 to 5 hours of battery life depending on how you use the player.

Finally, with every purchase of the Jorlai record player – you will receive an extra replacement needle, so you’ll be covered for at least a little bit.

Final Verdict – Is It Good?

Source: klipsch.com

In a word – yes. You will not find a record player this versatile for this much money anywhere else – no matter how hard you look.

The build quality is excellent, the design is both timeless and contemporary, the playback features are satisfying, the speakers are decent, and you have more than a few connectivity options. When you throw in Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery in the mix – you get a pretty full package.

So, in our own opinion – Jorlai record players are great.