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Anthony Davis Could Be Los Angeles Lakers Downfall

by Sinisav

There aren’t as many good big men, such as Anthony Davis, in the NBA. His position is not easy to play, but Davis has all the skills needed. If you ask people around the league, they will tell you that AD is easily the top-five player in the NBA.

The skill that he possesses is rare for a man of his size. There weren’t many players with similar skillset through basketball history. At the beginning of his career, AD was a point guard, but he kept growing. He grew so much that he couldn’t be further from PG position. But, the skill remained. What he can do with the ball is similar to all top point guards in the NBA. AD’s passing is extraordinary, he can handle the ball, and most of all, is dangerous when shouting from the perimeter.

On the other hand, his size makes him extraordinary when rebounding, scoring, and also in defense. His post defense is improving every year. Furthermore, there aren’t many players in the league that can block the way he can. All of this combined makes him one of the most dominant power forwards of all time.

Los Angeles Lakers went from a team that missed playoffs to the one fighting for NO1 spot in the West, all thanks to acquiring Anthony Davis. The downside of having him on the rooster is that he is injury prone.

Anthony Davies

Source: basketballforever.com

If you look at his time with New Orleans Pelicans, it can easily be seen what impact injury can have on AD and his team. He didn’t have much success with Pelicans. It’s mostly because he was injured in crucial parts of the seasons. Because of this, Pelicans were never able to make a push for deeper stages of playoffs.

His injury record shows us that he was unavailable for his previous team as much as he was on the court. This is not his fault, but the facts don’t lie. No other superstar missed as much time as Anthony Davis did since the moment he entered the league. He’s only entering his prime, and he already had injuries to his back, chest, hand, elbow, foot, head, groin, both knees, toe, shoulder, and hip.

We don’t want to be the carriers of bad news for Lakers fans, but if Davis gets injured this season, their dreams of the title might turn to dust quite fast.