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The Cost Of Hiring An Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles: An Overview!

by Tracy Finke

Suffering injuries in a freak accident in LA that wasn’t your fault can be a frustrating experience. When someone else was negligent, you wouldn’t want to deal with the consequences. Unfortunately, you must bear the losses, including medical bills, lost wages, and future income losses.

Like anyone else in the same situation, you might have your share of concerns about lawyering up. What does it cost to get an injury lawyer in Los Angeles for your case? This post shares an overview of the basics. Click here to check their website.

No win, no fee

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You will find that many injury law firms mention “No win, no fee” on their website. This essentially refers to a contingency fee arrangement. When you hire a family or criminal lawyer, they usually charge by the hour. You are billed based on the number of hours spent by the lawyer on your case.

This isn’t the case with injury lawyers. Injury attorneys charge a contingency fee, which is only payable when you win. Almost all PI lawyers in LA work on such an arrangement. If the lawyer doesn’t win, despite all the good work, they don’t get paid. The lawyer cannot claim that they did their “best” to get a fee.

What is the standard range of contingency fees?

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Most lawyers charge anywhere between 25% and 40% as the contingency fee, which is a fixed percentage of the settlement. When you get paid by the other party or their insurer, your lawyer will recover their fee. The fee of a lawyer for PI cases depends on several factors.

If the case is a complicated one, or when you have a share in fault, the lawyer has to work more on the legal strategy and evidence, and that can mean a higher fee. Experienced lawyers usually charge on the higher side, and if you hire the right one, it can improve your chances of getting fairly compensated.

What about other expenses?

As a client, you still have to pay for some of the other costs related to the personal injury case. For instance, if the lawyer had to pay for court fees or investigation expenses, you are required to pay for that. If the case is strong, a lawyer may advance these expenses until you get paid, but eventually, you are responsible for the payments. Ask your attorney how you can manage these costs, especially if you are in financial distress because of your medical bills and wage losses.

Finding a reliable lawyer in Los Angeles

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Numerous law firms in Los Angeles take up personal injury lawsuits. As in any sector, not all law firms and attorneys are the same. This is precisely why the fee of an attorney shouldn’t be the only reason to hire them. As a client, you need to check a few details, including:

  • Work experience

Never hire a lawyer who is a jack of all trades but master of none. While many lawyers may provide their services to the same law firm, most of them specialize in a particular type of injury lawsuit. For example, the complications and strategy for a medical malpractice lawsuit would be very dissimilar to that of a car accident case. Ask the attorney if they have worked on comparable cases.

  • Trial experience

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Many lawyers have the tendency to “settle” cases instead of taking up a battle. While your lawyer should try and maximize the settlement through negotiation, they shouldn’t step back from a trial. Not many attorneys in LA have experience representing clients at trials, and that’s a key pointer to consider.

  • Reviews

What do other clients say about an attorney? You can ask the law firm for references, but don’t forget to check online reviews. A disgruntled client is more like to trash a law firm through an online review than someone who had a very average experience. Reviews are a true testament to an attorney’s credibility. You can check on Google or get such reviews on their social media pages.

  • Communication and availability

You must consider if a lawyer is available for your injury case. Lawyers often step aside after the initial consultation to allow their juniors and associates to take over. This may not be a bad practice, but as a client, you must know the lawyer who is responsible for your claim.

Also, you need to contemplate if the lawyer is communicative. A good lawyer may charge more, but they ensure that clients have all the support they need.

As a client, you have to ask questions when you meet an injury lawyer. The first meeting is all about discussing the facts of the case, and you don’t have to pay anything for the initial review. Don’t forget to ask the attorney about their strategy for the case, including their process of investigation and gathering evidence.

Watch out for cheap pricing/inflated promises

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Many injury lawyers make inflated promises or promise a steep discount on the contingency fee. Never let an attorney tell you that it is okay to exaggerate your injuries or the worth of your claim.

A skilled attorney will fight for what you deserve as they know that overstating your losses will only lead to negative consequences. It is always a wise idea to hire an attorney who charges the standard fee of 33% (or maybe a tad more) but does the job well. Also, make sure that you have a clear contract with your attorney.

Final word

You have limited time to take action, and it makes sense to do your homework concerning hiring a lawyer. In California, the statute of limitations sets a deadline of just two years for filing a civil lawsuit, but if you don’t start working on the case immediately, you may lose evidence.

Also, your lawyer may have to rely on additional experts, including accident reconstruction services and medical professionals, to know your claim better, and that can take time. Now that you know that hiring a lawyer doesn’t have to be about an upfront fee, get an attorney for your case right away.