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Andy Bassich Net Worth 2024

by Cristina Alexander


Andy Bassich is a name you must’ve heard of if you’re a fan of Nat Geo’s brilliant documentary series “Life Below Zero”. Yes, we are talking about the reality TV personality who’s got a fair few canines working with him, 37 to be precise. In the middle of an icy-nowhere, without basic services like internet, running-water supply, and electricity.

How exciting is it to be a man with nothing but nature? To find out more about the life of Andy Bassich, stick with us till the end. Here, we let you know about his life, career, and net worth.

About Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich is one out of the six primary characters whose lives are being documented in “Life Below Zero”. The BBC has been primary producers of the show and it’s telecast on National Geographic. This documentary tries to give outsiders a perspective on the life of people who survive in a sub-zero-degree environment in Alaska.

With grey hair and brown eyes, you might not be able to tell Andy apart from an everyday American. However, his life is full of more adventure than most. In the 21st century, people from urban centres always seem to be in awe of the life and culture in Alaska. Bassich lives in his residence, located adjacent to the Yukon River. Also, rather than the usual pets, Andy pets and trains 37 canines who help him drag his sled.

Early Life and Family

img source: realitystarfacts.com

Andy Bassich was born in Washington DC on January 25th, 1958, which makes him 62 years old. Interestingly however, nothing concrete is public about his experiences as a young boy.

In 1976, Andy completed his graduation in John F. Kennedy High School. After the completion of higher studies, Andy started working in a furniture shop as a carpenter in Virginia. It’s also this time when as a young man, Andy decided to travel across the country and finally settled in Alaska in the year 1980

Along the way, Andy also met Kate Rorke, in Dawson City, who he eventually married. While Andy became a riverboat captain, Kate was a visiting tourist when they first met. However, in 2015, the marriage came to an end as Kate applied for divorce in a sessions court and received clearance in 2016. She also alleged that the relationship was in an abusive environment.

The couple do have a daughter together but no information on her is disclosed, or will be shared to the public.

While people consider the show to be generally coy, misfortune struck one day as Andy was severely injured in an accident. In the active filming time, Bassich met with an accident while moving a snow machine which left his muscles and bones infected. He was subsequently moved to Florida to receive treatment.

In Florida, Andy met Denise Becker, a nurse. They are now publicly a couple who live together, but aren’t married as of yet. There’s always some light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Career and Major Milestones

Following are some incredible milestones in Andy Bassich’s life:
● Rather than getting a corporate job, Andy decided to move across states to Virginia and became a carpenter in 1976.
● The initial plan was to go to Alaska in 1976 but he had to wait to attend his sister’s marriage..
● Living across River Yukon inspired him to become a boat captain and worked as one for over twenty years. He was also granted a Coast Guard Marine license due to his reputation in the waters.
● Bassich became a celebrity after he joined the cast of “Life Below Zero” in 2013.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Andy Bassich

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Here are some lesser known facts from Andy’s life:-
● Kate, Andy’s ex-wife, told followers on Facebook that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder because of an abusive relationship.
● After the audience heard of allegations that Andy abused Kate, some viewers wanted Andy to be fired and threatened to boycott the show.
● Amid growing controversy, National Geographic requested audiences to leave Andy’s personal matters alone and focus on the show.
● Due to some odd laws, Andy doesn’t have a hunting permit in Alaska because he wasn’t born in Alaska.
● There was massive flooding in the Yukon river that damaged Andy’s residence in 2009. Andy, Kate and a lot of his pets were rescued by great efforts from the emergency services.

Net Worth of Andy Bassich

While it’s great to be a reality show, for Andy it hasn’t lead to much more than his ordinary life. The star of the reality show is worth $300,000. The show is his main source of income and he lives a comfortable life in his regular life.