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Alex Becker Net Worth 2024

by Cristina Alexander


In the world of online content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely important skill and tool. Alex Becker is a name you cannot miss if you’re into Internet marketing. As an entrepreneur, Carl has been inspirational and extremely successful. He’s currently the CEO of HYROS which provides AI based solutions to optimize data on the internet.

At a relatively young age, Alex has been able to change the face of innovation concerning data optimization. He’s busy setting up new sectors of development in his company to encourage advertisement revenue in a streamlined pattern.

About Alex Becker

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Alex Becker’s claim to fame is also the fact that he’s not only successful but also very self made. He’s never had a corporate revenue behind him and it’s attractive for young ambitious entrepreneurs. Also, this is a field that helps small scale content creators on various platforms.

As much expertise as he might seem to have, he wasn’t always in this field of work. He’s a former American Air Force firefighter but that career couldn’t give him any stability in life.

He now has a business model that gives him economic stability and creative freedom. With his own YouTube channel, “Alex Becker’s Channel”, Alex tries to impart his thoughts and ideas to his 660,000 subscribers.

Early Life And Family

Becker was born on 24th May 1988 into a staunchly atheist family, which is quite unusual for a Texan. Alex is currently in a long-time relationship with Rachel Knox. The 33-year-old is not in the mood of stopping anytime soon with his business expansion.


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As Alex resigned from his firefighting duties, he used up savings for the transition into a new career. A SEO platform, “Source Wave”, was created by Alex as an initial project. Nobody could’ve expected the SEO platform to blow up like it did. This was also his leap into super-rich status.

This didn’t stop the innovations with Market Hero releasing in 2015, a tool to respond to incoming emails automatically. These two major projects have landed him at HYROS that helps clients in implementation of ad revenue optimization.

Also in 2015, he started his YouTube channel which has been helpful in broadcasting his ideas to a wider audience. Not only that, he also authored “Pillars of Wealth” which became a bestseller.

Net Worth

Alex is a CEO, which ensures that he’ll have a say over how his company operates in the future, However, at this point, he’s worth a whopping 15 Million US Dollars. HYROS brings in a revenue accounting for 4 Million USD net per year. Also, from Source Wave, Alex can expect a daily income of anywhere between 10,000 USD to 60,000 USD.