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“Baywatch” Star Alexandra Paul Files A Restraining Order Against a Crazy Fan

by Mary McFarren

Alexandra Paul, who is best known for her role of Lt. Stephanie Holden in “Baywatch”, got a restraining order against an obsessed fan who has been harassing the actress and her husband for more than a decade. The 58-year old 90’s star claims that a woman from Germany, Nicole Albrecht, has been tormenting her since she first showed up in front of her LA home in 2011. For the record, “Baywatch” was hugely popular in Germany a couple of decades ago.

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Court documents filed by Paul claim that relentless tries by Albrecht to get to the 58-year old actress culminated when the German fan took aim at her husband Ian Murray. Nicole believes that Ian is the person keeping her away from the subject of her infatuation – Alexandra.

Things got out of control on July 4th when Albrecht parked her car in front of Paul’s home. Her husband went out to get a photo of the plates when the German woman went berserk. She put the car in drive, hit Ian, and fled the scene. The couple immediately contacted the police. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the actress had to call the cops on Albrecht. A month before the car incident, Nicole tried to get into Paul’s car after waiting for her in front of the store. She ran away when she saw Alexandra dialing 911.

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One would think that the fanatic fan would give up by now. However, Albrecht turned up the heat on Ian, sending him a ton of hate mail where she expressed her resentment. She also blames Ian for keeping her apart from Alexandra. On top of that, she also started an online campaign of defamation of Ian, claiming that he is a pedophile.

Paul filed a request for a restraining order and the judge agreed. Nicole Albrecht is to stay away at least 100 yards from the actress and her husband. So far, things have calmed down but it’s probably only a lull before a storm.

Alexandra Paul and Ian Murray have been married since 2000. The couple amicably decided not to have any children and they stayed true to that. On her professional plan, Paul starred in fifteen movies since the ending of “Baywatch”. She guest-starred in Melrose place, Man Men, Sharknado 4, and Spy Hard. The actress also produced two documentaries.

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The actress is also physically active taking great care of her health. She was a vegetarian since the age of 14 and became vegan 10 years ago. Paul also ran Boston Marathon in 2000. Alexandra is also an avid swimmer completing 11 mile Fiji Swim and Key West Swim for 12.5 miles among others. She is also an entrepreneur and an owner of a wellness coaching center.