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What Are The Main Advantages Of Using A Dedicated Server?

by Elsa Stringer

Nowadays, the value of an online presence for a company cannot be properly assessed because it is vital to be present online. Your website is mandatory but is it enough to have any site online? The answer is no.

Most business owners these days do not actually understand the fact that they share their servers with hundreds or thousands of sites. This is what happens when you opt for shared hosting. When you move to a service like this site offers, things automatically change.

No matter how we look at things, whenever you want to have the best possible online presence, you need to seriously consider investing in a quality dedicated server. Here are the main reasons why this is the case.

Exclusive Dedicated Resources


If you own a dedicated one, it is entirely yours. This is one of the most important advantages that business owners need to know when comparing with a shared hosting package. The bandwidth, RAM, disk space, and so on of the server is yours. Basically:

  • You exclusively use the entire bandwidth, RAM, and CPU of the server. This is particularly important during the peak business hours because that is when you want to be sure that peak performance is offered by the host.
  • You can access it at a root level. This means you can easily configure all the settings and add the software that you want. At the same time, server logs are completely accessible. This key dedicated server advantage helps you to customize the server so that it is perfectly optimized based on what you want to do with it.

On a dedicated one, you can install the security programs you want and you can even utilize the desired operating system, regardless of what is popular in the services offered by the provider. Basically, the website is always scalable, responsive, and flexible in terms of resources used.  When it comes to the web hosting of high bandwidth websites and apps it is a good idea to consider the user of dedicated servers with 10 Gbps bandwidth connection, for example, https://www.hostcolor.com/dedicatedhosting/10-gbps-dedicated-servers.html.

Increased Flexibility


The flexibility of the dedicated automatically shines when it comes to business growth. It is up to you to decide what configuration you use. When the business grows, which is a priority for many companies, it is very easy to modify the services and applications you use and you can add more if this is necessary. Your flexibility is high when brand new opportunities appear and even when some problems appear because you can scale down the server.

Whenever more processing, backup, or storage is necessary, the dedicated type makes it very simple.

Remember the fact that modern site visitors have really high expectations. They want to be able to access your pages in just seconds. In most cases, without the use of a dedicated server that you perfectly optimize based on what you run on it, this is impossible. When your visitors are properly served, there is a much higher possibility they will come back.

Improved Performance And Reliability


Because of exclusivity, reliability is automatically increased. With the dedicated server, you gain peak reliability and performance.

Reliability practically means that there is a very low possibility that a server crash will affect your business. There are many extra resources that are available when a lot of traffic appears. This is particularly important when the front end of the site includes image and video displays. Then, very good website design always requires performance and speed. Dedicated servers have a lot of power and they offer a very good customer experience.

With this type of hosting you get to have a stellar online presence without having to deal with really large upfront capital expenses. After you make the payment, your IT team or you can easily oversee the entire website without having to worry too much about tactical things.

To make matters even more interesting, whenever you need some outside help, you can rely on the dedicated hosting provider’s technician. They can help you solve the most common problems that appear.

Increased Security


The extra security that you get from the use of the dedicated server is due to many different reasons. However, it is the data separation that you gain access to that is the most important. You do not share the hard disk space with any other client. The infrastructure always includes security monitoring and firewalls and it is basically a lot harder for hackers to access your content.

With the dedicated option, you have much higher security against:

  • Hacks And Malware – the network monitoring offered by the host, the secure firewalls, and the strict access control allow you to concentrate on the core activities of your business while you do not worry about hacking.
  • Denial Of Service Attacks Are Prevented – because of the data separation, even in the event that your data is accessed or someone wants to take the server down, everything is solved really fast.

If you desire, you can install your preferred security software applications that will run on your server. You can basically get as much protection as you want to have.

Zero Upfront Expenses


This is an advantage that few people know because in the past when you wanted to have your dedicated server you had to buy all the hardware and run it in your office space. This is no longer a necessity. Because of the fact that technology advanced at a really fast space, hosting providers nowadays offer you a full dedicated server as soon as you pay the fee for the first month. Also, providers offer very reasonable fees, making these servers much more affordable than they ever were.

Keep in mind that the hosting provider can easily serve numerous clients. They get to save money because of the system that they operate and they only have to invest in a server once as it keeps paying itself off. All the savings of the server provider are translated to the clients, which means you pay less for a lot of power.

On the whole, there is no reason why you should not consider a dedicated server in the event that you need top performance and you can afford the fees, which are quite affordable.