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Pop up Campers

by Elsa Stringer

Pop up Campers are among the innovations in the automobile industry that have existed for a long time and are still preferred by several people today.  A pop-up camper is a collapsible recreational vehicle designed to accommodate several persons for a holiday, vacation, family road trip, and anything in between. This vehicle is amazingly foldable into a large box so that it takes less space when compared to other trailers in its category.

Different versions and designs of new and pre-owned pop-up campers are available on ZeRVs at a relatively inexpensive cost. The most popular model of these campers can accommodate two or three queen-sized beds.

Usually, the recent models also come with a dining table, kitchen sink, fridge, and other travel essentials. The larger versions contain a bathroom and toilet. They are usually small but roomy enough to serve its purposes. The best models of pop up campers incorporate AC units into the design.

Apart from its affordability, one thing that stands this camper out is the ease of carriage that comes with it. Since it is easily collapsible, it does not have to take up much space to be kept in the garage or even smaller. This makes pop up campers appropriate for nuclear families choosing to go for a vacation and also tow it.

Pop up campers: features & models


The basic design of a pop-up camper is such that it can accommodate between 4-8 persons. Most of the pop-up campers do not weigh more than 3,800 pounds. The length of the boxes of the campers varies, and this is how they are categorized.

Different lengths are available. This ranges from 8 feet to 16 feet, although most of them are double the box length when they are finally opened. The width is also usually around 7 feet, only varying by the inches. The height of a typical pop-up camper is between 4 feet and 5 feet tall.


Even with these varying dimensions, there are still several types of pop up campers in the market. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • High wall pop-ups: This is the typical pop-up camper preferred by most families. This reason is that it is relatively taller than the other types, a countertop, and more storage space.
  • Toyhauler pop-ups: This camper type will be the right choice for those who love to carry ATVs and motorcycles, because of the open cargo desk incorporated into its design.
  • Motorcycle campers: This design has a smaller weight than the other types, making it movable by motorcycles.
    Off-road pop-ups: The design is more suitable and adapted for off-road use.
  • Flip-out camper: This design uses a tent roof that can be flipped over to become a bunk. The other camper types make use of the hard roof option.

All of these and several other types are available in Zervs.com, from which you can make your preferred choice.

Setting up a pop-up camper:


As diverse as the designs seem to be, the set up follows a general pattern, with only a few additions depending on the included equipment.

The first thing you have to do before opening is to detach the pop-up camper from the vehicle and ensure it is leveled. After this, you can raise the roof by an inch with extensions on the four corners of the box.

Next, you pull out the two or three bunks, which could be at the sides, the front, or rear of the trailer. The tent material is pulled over to the ends of the beds and attached to them. The attachment of the interior support poles marks the end of the necessary installation.

The other additives can now come along, including the installation of utilities and making the beds. Typically, the installation time of pop up campers is more than the other trailers in its category.

Essential Amenities of Pop Up Campers


There are some amenities to look out for when purchasing a pop-up camper, which will make your camping experience more fun and enjoyable.

Air conditioner and heater


These two are essential during camping as the extremes of temperature can become unbearable for you and your children. A proper warm-up by a heater during the cold is better. You also do not want to spend the whole night staying awake because of the heat, which can cause general discomfort for you and your children, hence the AC’s need. These two amenities increase the camper’s cost, but if you think you can survive the camping trip without them, then it’s okay.



The size of your kitchen depends on the amount of cooking you are choosing to do during camping. However, most campers will advise you not to cook any major meal inside the pop-ups, because it can be quite discomforting.

Hence, it is advisable to look out for a kitchen size to make essential foods like oatmeal and other snacks.



Most pop-up campers come with bathrooms of various sizes, but because these bathrooms can take up space, users prefer not to include it as part of their preferred design. Instead, they would rather choose to use the showers and toilets available in most state and national park campgrounds. This is also not a bad idea.



Having a shower in your pop-ups can also be a good idea, although most of them take too much space. The designs vary such that some of the baths are present as exterior design, while others are interior designs, from which you can make your preference.

Pop up campers are available in different sizes and varieties. All you have to do is figure out what works best for you and take your pick.