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Adele Is Going Through Financial Hell Following Divorce

by Nebojša Vujinović

Award winning singer and one of the most famous and recognizable artists in the world, Adele, 31, is having a rough time following her divorce from Simon Konecki.

Since the pair never had a prenup agreement before they got married in 2016, she will have to give her former husband a considerable amount of her wealth, half to be exact.

Source: thesun.com

Allegedly, she will have to part ways with half of her total net worth as a part of the divorce procedures. They will have joint custody over their 7-year-old son, but the English singer will have to say goodbye to $70 million.

Source: thesun.com

Simon Konecki, 45, is an executive and a boss of a charity organization. Last April, after eight years together and three years of marriage, he and his wife decided to part ways.

Source: yahoo.com

Adele will also have to give him the keys to a Beverly Hills mansion. Further details about the divorce are being kept private, as per the ruling of the judge in charge of their divorce case.

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