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ABBA Members’ Net Worth Is Astounding, Both Collective And Individual

by Mary McFarren

Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad aka ABBA, are one of the most famous band in the history of pop music. Bursting onto the scene in 1974 at the Eurovision song contest the band’s music stayed relevant to this day. However, four band members went their own separate ways a long time ago.

Today, there are some vague announcements of reuniting for the great world tour. In the meantime, the long-time fans continue to enjoy old hits. The band’s popularity got a boost in 2008 when “Mamma mia!” was released featuring Meryl Streep. The group consisted of two married couples – Agnetha and Bjorn, and Anni and Benny. Both divorced four decades ago and continued their separate careers. All throughout the decades, group members were collecting royalties from their work. So, how much exactly are their individual net worths? Let’s take a deeper look.

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Collectively ABBA is worth around $900 million. Besides the movie blockbuster, band members collected royalties from the musical “Mamma Mia!” played on Broadway since 1991. Their music is also used in many other movies, commercials, and TV shows. All of this brought fortune to the group.

Individually, each member is worth between $200-$300 million.

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The top-grossing ABBA member is Anni-Frid, known as Frida. The singer continued her solo career and was quite successful selling over 1.5 million copies of her post-ABBA album. After divorcing Benny in 1982, Frida married Prince Heinrich Ruzzo Reuss von Plauen who died only seven years after tying the knot. Frida inherited almost $100 million as the widow of the late Prince. Today, the singer’s estimated net worth is $300 million.

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Björn Ulvaeus is sharing first place with Frida also grossing $300 million. He and Benny had an amazing joined career after Abba split up. The duo worked on Chess the musical, as well as the “Mamma Mia!” that premiered in London’s West End Theatre in 1999.

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Benny worked on some solo projects along with pairing up with Björn from time to time. His net worth comes up to the fascinating $230 million. The majority of Benny’s income comes from royalties for the past four decades.

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Agnetha also has an astounding fortune in her name. The striking blonde amassed $200 million since 1972. Fältskog had the most dramatic life and career after she split from Bjorn. The singer has several phobias that she has suffered from for decades. The most prominent one is a fear of flying that was emphasized in 1983 when an airplane, in 1983, carrying ABBA members ran out of fuel and performed an emergency landing. Since this trauma, the singer always traveled by bus, but unfortunately, she had an accident, but luckily walked off without a scratch. Today, she is living with her son that she has from the marriage with Bjorn. Her daughter also lives nearby, in Ekero, Sweden. Agnetha is grandmother to four grandchildren.

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In 2000, ABBA was offered $1 billion to reunite. All four members refused the offer saying that if they ever come back together it will not be for the money but music. A few years ago, ABBA went on a hologram tour, portraying the members from the early days. Recently, the band announced on Twitter that they will be recording some new songs. Fans are uplifted and impatient to hear new tunes. The new ABBA journey begins on September 2nd, 2024.