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A Reporter Must Apologize To Melania Trump’s Father For Defamation

by Sinisav

A Slovenian reporter was instructed to apologize to the father of American first lady Melania Trump because of defamation by High Court in Ljubljana. Besides, he will also have to pay 5.000 euros as that high is the penalty for this felony.

Bojan Pozar, the named reporter, will have to make his apology public as that is required by law in Slovenia. Also, there are 2.000 euros of court fees that also fall on Pozar to pay up. Pozar got into trouble for writing about Victor Knavs, who is the father of the first lady of the United States.

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Source: www.thedailybeast.com

The story was released by Ljubljana law firm called Pirc Musar&Lemut Strle, who also disclosed fees involved.

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A few years ago, Pozar posted a story on his blog about Melania Trump’s father. According to the tale, Victor Knavs was jailed thirty years ago for tax fraud. At the time, he was a car dealer. The Court decided that there was no truth to the story, and as we said, instructed Pozar to pay legal fees, penalty and also to issue a public apology to Victor. His public apology requires him to post the verdict on his blog.

The verdict says that the claims that Pozar posted are not only insulting but are also untrue.

The trial started in 2017, and Knavs declared as not guilty. He also decided to sue Pozar for defamation.

This was not the first time he had something to say about Melania Trump’s family members. After Donald Trump won the elections, Pozar wrote two books about his wife. The books tell tales of Melania from her time home in Slovenia. He also released her unauthorized biography, which got him in trouble with the Trump family.

While her father won on Court, the fate of her husband is still uncertain. The US Congers still has to decide on the future of the current President as he is facing impeachment.