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A Home Appliance Dwayne The Rock Johnson Never Uses

by Nebojša Vujinović

Dwayne Johnson can do it all. By now we are all aware of this fact. He was a football player, a wrestler and now he is an actor, social media presence, and amazing father and husband. What sets him apart from other people you might know is his ability to work hard. Due to his career and prior sports association he became a man addicted to the gym.

His work ethic is ingrained in his roots and he applied it to every job he ever had. Because of this, he has developed a habit that follows him to this day. Yes, before becoming a pro-wrestler and an actor, the Jumanji star had regular jobs. One of these jobs will stay with him for life. Because of his early life experience, The Rock never uses a dishwasher even after becoming the world’s biggest action star.

Source: abc7chicago.com

Most people believe that Johnson made his first paycheck as a football player or an employee in a gym, but this is not true. When the Pain&Gain actor joined the University of Miami or went straight to WWE he was already an established individual. No, his first job was something rather ordinary. Before he ever met Vince McMahon or Steve Cold Austin, Johnson was a dishwasher.

His first employment came in when he was just a 13-year-old boy on his home island of Hawaii. The paycheck wasn’t remotely close to what he has today, but back in the day $3.45 an hour was quite a catch for the now famed actor. Today, the Rampage actor is one of the biggest earners in the world, but he never forgets his roots. In the home of Dwayne Johnson, you might find a dishwasher, but you’ll never see the actor using it.

During an ask&answer interview, Dwayne Johnson, together with his Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt answered a few questions regarding his personal and early life. Talking about his work habits and early beginnings, Johnson touched on the subject of the dishwasher: “My legit first job I was 13 years old and I worked in a pizza shop and washed dishes….I only, as a matter of fact…I don’t use a dishwasher…I hand wash everything.”

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Can you imagine that? In addition to being one of the best action stars of today, this muscular man washes the dishes with his hands. It must be a sight to behold, seeing this massive mountain of a man towering over the sink with soap and dishes in his hands. But, Johnson sticks to this story and claims that fame didn’t corrupt him and that his first job stuck with him to this day. This is quite an achievement considering how much work does Johnson has. He is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, with his projects hitting theaters on weekly basis.

This story from the Skyscraper star is a feel-good story that should teach us a lot about being humble, hard work, and the road to success. If a man who started as a dishwasher at the fragile age of 13 could reach stardom, you can do it too. All that it takes is to work hard, improve on your skill, hone your talents, and never forget where you started. Dwayne Johnson could easily quote Drake while showing off everything that he has now: “Started from the bottom, now we’re here.”