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A Guide to Making Good Customer Satisfaction Surveys

by Jajce d Muckic

Every product or service whether big or small requires great customer attention and for gaining it each and every aspect of the product or service should provide solution to a problem a customer may have or would feel to have in future.
Industry is moving to being more customer centric than product or service oriented. In the 21st century customer loyalty and customer satisfaction is a must for brands success. Organizations need to keep customers at the forefront of their product or service offering in order to make sure their product or service meets and exceeds the needs and wants of customers.

How can organizations make sure that customers feel happy and satisfied after purchasing a product or service and how can they better improve their service offerings for future upsell and customer loyalty?

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The answer is pretty simple “Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey”. But a lot many organizations fail to make such an effort and in return loose the credibility and their customer base.
Customer feedback surveys or customer satisfaction surveys provides customers with an ability to voice their concern or appreciate good service.

The question then arises for the service providers about what specific questions should be there in customer satisfaction surveys and what value ad should be added for customers so that they can fill up the customer feedback surveys.
There are many brands out there that can be taken as examples for drafting a customer feedback survey. One such feedback is Kroger feedback survey where the questions are pretty simple and are to the point where they ask you about specific buying experience and in return provide the customers with a sweepstake to win gift cards of worth $5000 or 50 fuel points which makes the customer feel valued.

The basic principles of creating a most engaging customer feedback survey is as follows:

-Make the survey simple to launch

-Ask questions including ranges. Ranges that are from 1-5 so for example ask questions like “how would you rate the customer service”? 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

-Ask questions that have answers in a “NO” or “YES”

-Ask questions directly related to the product, service or customer experience

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-End the survey with an open ended question like asking the customer about specific recommendations of suggestions they may have for product/service improvement

-At the end of the survey make sure that customer gets to know his reward whether it be some sweepstakes addition, gift cards, specific points or whatever the reward is so they feel valued

-Make the survey short, simple and easy to navigate

-Provide the customer feedback/satisfaction survey URL on the purchase receipt so they can easily logon to the page and start filling the survey

-Provide a customer satisfaction toll free number on the survey homepage as well as purchase receipt in case customer faces any problem while completing the survey

In short make the customer feel valued. Provide best ever customer experience and strive for improvement. Customer loyalty and satisfaction can only be measured if you allow them to voice their concern or appreciate your quality service. Organizations that strive for best and keep communication transparent are prone to live longer than those that just don’t focus on customer experience.