Home News A Chinese Woman Eats a Bat in the Middle of the Coronavirus Outbreak

A Chinese Woman Eats a Bat in the Middle of the Coronavirus Outbreak

by Elsa Stringer

As the deadly Coronavirus rages on throughout the world, a viral video of a Chinese woman eating a bat soup has toured the social media. The animal is one of the carriers of the cureless virus, making people wonder what the woman in the video was thinking.

So far, more than 130 people have passed away as a consequence of the infamous virus. In China, there have been more than 6500 confirmed cases so far. In the wake of the spreading epidemic, this Chinese influencer is seen showing the viewers how to eat the wing creature soup, and with a smile on her face compares its meat to chicken.


Vang Mengiuan actually recorded this all the way back in 2016 as she was traveling around an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. The video only now became viral.


Vang is famous in her home country, mostly for her travel vlogs. She has come forth and apologized for making the video and eating a bat in the first place. On Weibo, she said that she received death threats, which should not happen for something she has done almost four years ago.

“Please forgive me. I should not have eaten that bat,” she wrote. “I did not now there was going to be a deadly virus in relation to eating bats. The video was made in 2016/17, and someone with bad intentions has made it viral now,” said Vang in her statement.

She added that this was not a wild bat, but a domestic animal from the local community specifically bred for eating, like any other farm animals would be. Bats are a normal food around the world and before the virus, nobody would pay any attention to somebody eating one.