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8 Cars Throughout the Years That Had the Best Interiors

by Elsa Stringer

We all know about good looking cars. There are so many nice cars that are elegant, aggressive or massive from the outside. Whichever way they appeal to us, the interior of the car is an entirely different story. It is said that the car’s interior detailing is much crucial than the car’s exterior. The reason that oftentimes automotive review sites such as GrandPrixTimes are providing us information on the proper maintenance of our car’s interior as much on the car’s exterior. Many drivers are a lot of the times disappointed with what interior quality they get from their car. This is what provides major setbacks for brands like Tesla – not being able to manufacture a comfortable and nice interior.

So, to help struggling manufacturers find the right guidance points and to praise the manufacturers which made their interiors just right – here are eight of the best car interiors that all deserve to be on our list for different reasons!

Mercedes 600 Grosser


There probably isn’t a better review for modern day and age of the Mercedes Grosser than Jeremy Clarkson’s from Top Gear. It’s a very large and rare automobile that is defined as an Ultra-Luxury vehicle. The predecessor to Maybach was one of the favourite cars by heads of state, meaning that the long wheelbase and limousine models were the best money could buy at the time. Elvis, Coco Chanel, RSir Rowan Atkinson, the King of Thailand, Kims of North Korea, Leonid Brezhnev, Mao and Saddam all owned one.

The wood, plush leather and enormous amounts of foot and headroom made the 600 a wonderful place to sit in. Most exuberant variants even had a TV in the back… In the 60s and 70s nonetheless…

Pagani Huayra


It’s just something about hand-built items that makes them more exclusive and more opulent to be around. And to be honest, it doesn’t get more hand-made than Pagani. Their AMG V12 powered masterpieces of cars are the absolute peak of supercar range, costing around a million and a half pounds each. Or lots more. Their new hit – the Huyara has between 720 and 830 Horsepower while weighing less than 1350 kilos.

The interior is labelled as a ballet of perfection. Even the name badges are carved from a single block of aluminium and take hours to make. Peak down and see a clear view towards the transmission so once you change gear, you feel the mechanical feedback and see exactly what’s going on. If you want art inside of a car, you won’t look at anything else than a Pagani.

Bentley Mulsanne


Bentley’s are very comfortable and opulent while also being mighty powerful. Pick any model in the range, whether it be the Bentayga, the Flying Spur, Continental GT or the Mulsanne – they’re all heads and shoulders above their competition. We chose the Mulsanne for this list because it is the biggest and roomiest sedan in the range.

What’s there to even say. Whatever you want – you’ll get in a Mulsanne. Gaze at the sky through a panoramic roof or close the blinds from the pesky and inferior pedestrians and those who aren’t driven around in a Bentley. Get a massage in the rear seats while simultaneously watching the new James Bond movie on rear seat entertainment screen. And wouldn’t you know it, your chauffeur is doing 170mph on the German Autobahn without you hearing too much wind noise. So actually, it’s the best very rich people can hope for.

Rolls-Royce Phantom


If you made your fortunes in hip-hop, sports or oil – you’ll own a Phantom. Preferably one with the star-spangled roof. It’s probably 5-10% more comfortable and luxurious than the previously mentioned Mulsanne, but it’s almost 1.5-2 times more expensive. If you want the absolute best, and you can afford it – get a Phantom.

It’s the absolute peak of comfort and luxury. Millions of hand-made stitches, the best rarest leather from unicorns or whatever else that is almost extinct and before you know it, you’re sitting in the most exclusive and opulent mass-produced car that the world has ever seen.

Mclaren F1


In the early 90s, the F1 was the fastest road-legal car money could buy. Topping out at 240 mph, it was a bona fide rocketship. However, besides the obvious sports car look and the 620 horsepower, 6.1 litre V12 BMW engine which was covered with gold, arguably the most unique thing about the car was its interior setup.

Common to most high-end performance cars, it wasn’t too comfy or luxurious. Instead it had a three-seated layout where the driver sat in the absolute centre of the car and all the switches, gages and controls were at an optimal distance from them. It’s pure excellence in performance driving.

BMW E39 5 Series


When it comes to elegance, refinement and pure driving pleasure – the BMW 5 series is as good as it can get. However, one might say that the E39 chassis was the last thoroughbred so-to speak, the last car to focus around giving driver the most control instead of complicated computer systems taking over.

The interior has everything for a comfy 3-hour highway journey or a 30-minute drive to work. Sensible controls, great build quality, no gimmicks or overly-complicated anti-lock-traction-engagement-adaptive-on-off gizmos, just the driver, a radio or multimedia and the climate controls. And to be honest – what more could you possibly need. For pure driving comfort and pleasure the best interior for a normal person was given to us thanks to the excellence that is the Bayerische Motoren Werke.

TVR Sagaris


The world loves wonky and crazy characters. Willy Wonka, the Mask (Jim Carrey Movie) and comparable others might be difficult to deal with but the sheer entertainment value they bring into our lives is too much to ignore. The same can be said about all TVR’s. So, we picked Sagaris for this list, because, well, why not?

It’s a 1.1-ton sports car that had a 4 litre 410HP inline six engine and went like a rocket. Only made for 1 year, the TVR Sagaris had crazy looks outside, but once you sat in the driver’s seat, everything was so unique and wonky that the interior details fade away. There are many buttons, the ignition process seems something out of a futuristic movie and everything is designed in such an unconventional way that you could lose your orientation quick. Nowadays everyone can buy a used Sagaris to have some fun on track days. However, we recommend talking to Woodensteeringwheels.com to get a custom steering wheel and dash fitted with airbags because TVR didn’t…

Fiat 500


We won’t go over the Cinquecento bit by bit. Over an 18-year period between 1957 and 1975, the Turin factory made almost 3.9 million of the original Fiat 500 models. It’s small, not very pretty and definitely not powerful. And the interior – it’s bare minimum of what you could expect.

You have three knobs, one stalk, a steering wheel, two seats, a very small compartment for coins presumably, a handbrake, a gear lever, a single speedometer and pedals. That’s it. And it’s brilliant actually because apart from the lack of safety features, there isn’t anything you don’t need which is what the exact approach our world so desperately lacks at the moment. So, the best pure interior goes to the Fiat 500.