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8 Beauty Trends You Won’t Use In 2024

by Elsa Stringer

In the 2010s numerous beauty trends became popular, especially thanks to influencers and YouTubers. However, it seems that the most of those trends will extinct very soon. We made a list of 8 beauty trends that people most likely won’t be wearing by 2024. Take a look.

1. Highlighter


Ever since 2016, glowing cheekbones and shining noses are everywhere to be seen, especially on Instagram and YouTube. Babe.net writer Katie Way said that she believes that this glowing trend will soon be gone, and the matte skin will come in its place. Even some of the famous makeup artists including Patrick Starrr and Wayne Goss are no longer into heavy highlights. Wearing highlighter is of course a personal preference, but it seem that it won’t be welcomed in the new decade.

2. Glitter


By the end of 2010s, glitter-infused beauty products became marketable, including face masks, lipsticks, eyeliners, and loose glitters. However, glitter is not good for the environment, and it isn’t any better for your skin. It is usually made from microplastics which end up in our water systems, and therefore in the stomachs of animals. If glitter breaks down on the skin, it releases chemicals which „can disrupt human and animal hormones“. Since the environmental consciousness is something younger generations respect more and more, it is very likely that glitter won’t we welcomed into the new decade.

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3. Perfectly Precise Eyebrows


Since 2014, Instagram brows have been all over Instagram, and many influencers, YouTubers, and celebrities wore them. Even regular people were inspired to create a shading effect with eyebrow gel. However, these brows require too much maintenance, and apart from that, they look fake. Eyebrow artist Kristin Fisher predicted that trend will fade, and people won’t stop caring for their brows, they will just do it in a less uniform way.

4. Metallic Lip Colors


It seems that people care more about eco-friendly products, and are more into buzzy skin-care products instead of makeup. Social media plays a role in promoting the natural-inspired beauty trends including no-makeup makeup, and therefore metallic lipsticks are no longer something consumers buy or use. The metallic lip colors were popular between 2017 and 2018, but for the newest beauty trends, they are too bold. They are still available in some brands, but it is very unlikely that they will gain popularity in the new decade.

5. Super Matte Lip Products


In 2016, liquid lipstick rose to fame. Matte shades won’t disappear completely, but it seems that people will more likely use glossier products than their matte lipsticks. Some of the most popular cosmetics brands including Fenty Beauty, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, and Essence, launched their lip gloss lines. Matte lipsticks sometimes make lips look dry, so shinier options seem like a better option.

6. Statement Eyebrows


In 2019, statement eyebrows became popular. Some people bleached theirs, while others colored them. However, statement trends aren’t there to last. There are here to occasionally appear on certain platforms and events, and are perfect for Instagram pictures, but not to last in the new decade.

7. Makeup Wipes


This type of cleansing method seems to not longer be popular. Dermatologists warn that makeup wipers are bad for your skin, and also for the environment, especially considering the fact that they aren’t biodegradable. As it was previously said, the younger generations are more environmental conscious, so makeup wipes will probably disappear in 2024.

8. Counterfeit Makeup


Fake makeup products are usually tested positive for bacteria lead, and animal feces. It is believed that the number of people who are purchasing that kind of makeup has been reduced. Many work on presenting the right informations about the dangers of counterfeit makeup, therefore it is very likely that the trend won’t be welcomed in the new decade.