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7 Things Bikers Must Have

by William Gist

Commuting on a motorcycle is one the most fun way to get to your workplace and you usually even get there faster. It is also much different than a car since you do not have a metal cage around you, protecting you at all times. Since you will be riding every day on all kinds of weather conditions and you will be in every possible traffic situation, there are many things you will need to do this and do it safely.


Since we have a lot of experience when it comes to commuting on a motorcycle, we have made a list of 7 things that you will absolutely need if you want to have a fun experience when commuting on your bike. Some of these must-haves are pretty obvious and some may seem unclear why you would need them, but trust us, the need will surely arise.

Rain suit


A rain suit is a very thin layer of clothing that is supposed to go over your existing biker gear when going out on rainy weather. The suit is very thin and light and you can easily store it in your saddlebags. Getting one in a bright color will also make you easier during rainy and foggy weather since these kinds of weather conditions reduce road visibility considerably. Do not forget to get yourself rain overboots since you probably do not want to walk around all day with soggy socks.

All-in-one boots


Motorcycle boots are very important as a part of your gear, but you will probably have to wear them everywhere when you are out and about with your bike unless you carry a spare pair. While they are protecting you from weather and crashes, they also need to look presentable and should be comfortable to wear throughout the whole day.


A windshield is a very simple upgrade to your bike that will make your commute a much more pleasant experience when driving at highway speeds.

Chained wallets


If you are like me and always carry your wallet in your pocket, then a chained wallet is a must for a biker. While chained to your pants, it keeps all the contents in your wallet safe if it falls out while you are riding. Keep in mind that a chained wallet may also be a great fashion accessory to your outfit. If you want to get yourself a quality chained wallet, then we recommend you to check this.


Motorcycle backpacks are a thing. It is a good idea to have one on you at all times when you are out with your bike. They are usually easily detachable, and it would be smart to get one with a bright color to make yourself more visible.

Tinted visor


You might be driving on the highway casually and all of a sudden you get blinded by the bright sun. This is why it is a great idea to carry a spare tinted visor with you.


While earphones may prove useful for easier communication when riding, but they also help with the high-pitched wind noise and protects your hearing. The constant wind noise to your ears might be tiring and you do not want to be fatigued throughout the whole day while you are working.