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3 Tire Motorcycle

by Sinke Car

Trikes, or motorcycles with three wheels, are nothing new. They’ve come and go in popularity over the years, and their design has varied a lot as manufacturers and custom motorcycle shops work to improve the stability and handling of the design.

From the Ducati Spider to custom work that converts existing two wheeled bikes into three-wheelers to the 2015 Polaris design that blurred the line between motorcycles and automobiles, these designs find their audience whenever they pop up, even if manufacturers quickly revise the design or change their approaches.

OEM Motorcycle Parts?


If you’re modifying your existing motorcycle to make it into a chopped three-tire custom ride, you’re probably already going to have to use a combination of aftermarket parts and pieces you have custom fabricated to the task. Still, sometimes the OEM pieces for your bike will be useful after the transformation. If you’re not into doing that much metal work on your own, you can enjoy the ease of maintenance you get when you have OEM parts easily available by simply buying a design that has three tires from the start.

What About Speed? Fuel Efficiency?

While the handling is very different when you distribute weight across three wheels than it is across either four or two, the top speed most of these alternative motorcycle designs can reach is more than adequate for street riders, allowing you to easily meet the upper limit on freeways and country highways.

Fuel efficiency for the designs on various three-wheeled models show they are comparable to other vehicles with a similar engine and drive-train. That means they aren’t necessarily as efficient as a touring bike, but they aren’t going to guzzle gas like a heavy car either. You can control for fuel consumption with a few techniques, too:

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  • Control acceleration to avoid chugging fuel as you speed up
  • Look into performance upgrades that will help you increase fuel efficiency

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Getting Gear and Accessories for Your New Motorcycle

Whether you wind up going for something innovative in the three-wheeled designs that have been popping up over the last decade or you stick to your traditional motorcycle with two wheels, you’ll need new gear each season.


Whether you’re picking up a couple pieces and some supplies for maintenance or outfitting yourself for a whole new machine, finding the right online retailer can make your upgrades, tweaks, and repairs easy.


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