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7 Games and Exercises for Developing Writing Skills

by Sinke Car

Writing is important. Even now, in the age of the internet and computers, writing is important. It is all about the way how you express your thoughts, how you communicate because not always a person-to-person communication is available.

But what if you just cannot write? What if you can speak very expressively, but as soon as you start writing, all becomes pale and boring? We have good news for you: you can improve your writing skills

Of course, of course… You have heard thousands of times that practice makes the master, that you are just lazy and don’t want to make an effort to learn, that everybody can do it, and so on. 

We know it, that’s why we will not mention about it. A team of highly qualified essay writers from CustomWritings prepared some interesting tips for you, rather some exercises that really work if you use them constantly. You can try all of them and select a set that is the most efficient for you, or you can use all of them – the more of them you use, the better it is of course.

Make a Story

It is a funny and very useful task that improves writing skills incredibly. You can do it when you have a set of words to learn, in English, for example, or you can just pick up some set of words. They might not be connected with each other at all, the biggest fun is, in fact, actually that they are not connected. Are you ready?

Now, write a story. Use at least one word in each sentence. There is no need to write something realistic, it might be something funny. It is not only very useful but also a very funny task. Read the story to your friends to have fun together!

Describe a Picture

Just select some pictures from a book or a magazine and describe it. Try to make your story sounds as natural as possible. As well, try to find words to describe all in the smallest details, use a dictionary. It is a good idea to read the story to your friend and to ask to find the picture which you have written.

Write a Summary

It is a complicated task, we agree, but just try it. What was the last film you watched or the last book that you have read? Ok, maybe not the last one, maybe you would like to write about your favorite book. Anyway, try it. This structure can help you greatly:


  • You start with Somebody (the main character);
  • Further, somebody`s action follows;
  • After that, mention what stands in the way of the main character and why he/she cannot perform the action;
  • Finally, what was the end of the story?

For example, what about this?

Seven goatlings let a bad wolf into their house, and he ate them. In the end, they were saved by their mother, and the wolf was punished.

Now, it is your turn. Have fun!

Devil’s Advocate

It is a super engaging task that lets you think and teaches to see the world from a completely different point of view. Do you feel very strong for something? For example, do you believe strongly that people have to share with each other everything they have? You might select anything in what you believe strongly.

Now, write about a completely opposite opinion. In our example, it would be an essay about why people should not share everything they have. Be as sincere as possible.

This task will teach you to write about things that are rather tricky than straightforward. You will learn to understand different points of view and to express thoughts that otherwise would never come to your mind.

A Cliché Story


Do you know what a cliché is? It is a phrase that has some established, common meaning and is used by most people automatically. For example, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is one of the clichés that are used rather frequently. Use clichés to make a story. You can select clichés in advance or you might be looking for them while writing, but use as many of them – it is possible. Does your story consist of clichés only? Congratulations, you achieved a perfect result!

Start Your Story from a Sentence

You might be wondering now from which sentence you should start your story. We will find it out now. Take a book. Open it on any page. Start reading. So, what is the first sentence you have read? Start your story with it and make sure it is interesting!

How to… Articles


A “How to…” story is a perfect way to learn to arrange your thoughts in a logical and clear way. So, what about trying to write it? What would you describe? For the very start, we would recommend selecting something evident. For example, you can write about “How to go to the closest shop”. Further, select some more complicated topics.

This task will teach you to follow the basic logic of a process and to describe it in a simple way. You might want to add some details or some funny comments when you feel that you can handle it.

There are a lot of interesting and very useful exercises to practice writing. Some of them, as you can see, are very interesting and it is a real joy to do them. But their main advantage is, of course, the fact that they teach how to write.