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Who Is Your Favorite Inventor? The Greatest Minds That Walked the Earth

by William Gist

History is filled with important people that have helped shape the course of humanity. Each one is equally important as the next, but only a few get the praise they deserve. Some are responsible for single inventions, while others for multiple. But regardless of quantity or quality, we’ve put together a list of the most famous inventors. We hope you like it and let us know who your favorite one is.

1. Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla is one of, if not, the greatest minds that graced humanity. We’ve put Nikola Tesla right at the top because there is a cult following in his name. Arguably a genius by his own standards, Tesla is responsible for much of the technology that we use today. Although a lot of his work was stolen by other inventors, some of his most popular inventions are the alternate current (AC) electrical supply system, 3-phase electricity, fluorescent lighting, the Tesla induction motor, and the Tesla coil.

2. Alexander Graham Bell


Alexander Graham Bell is responsible for inventing the telephone at the age of 29! A Scottish born American inventor and scientist, Mr. Bell was a teacher for the deaf. One of his other inventions is the photophone, which was a device that could transfer sound through light, although it was never put into commercial use.

3. George Washington Carver


A less famous inventor, George Washington Carver was an agricultural chemist who changed the history of agriculture down in the south. His most famous inventions were the 300 uses for peanuts and almost 100 uses for soybeans, pecans, and sweet potatoes. His inventions proved crucial in the way farmers would farm their lands and the way households would use the farmed foods.

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4. Johannes Gutenberg


Johannes Gutenberg is the man responsible for inventing the printing press. The printing press was a movable-type printing machine that used ink for typing. His invention of the punch-cutting, matrix-fitting, type-casting, composing, and printing was used for nearly three centuries after his death.

5. Henry Ford


When we mention Henry Ford, people instantly familiarize him with the Ford Motor Company. However, people are quick to think that Henri Ford invented the automobile. This is contrary to popular beliefs as Henri Ford actually invented the assembly line used at automobile manufacturing. But the assembly line was quickly implemented into various other industries as part of the industrial revolution. Mr. Ford also received a patent for a transmission mechanism, and he popularized gas-powered cars through his Model-T.

6. Steve Jobs


One of the most recent inventors, Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple Inc. Jobs along with Steve Wozniak introduced the Apple II, a popular mass-production personal computer that marked the era of personal computing. Soon after being forced out of his own company, he came back and assembled a team of engineers, designers, and programmers to introduce the groundbreaking iPhone, iPad, and other Apple innovations that changed the course of technology.

This has led tech companies, such as ExpressVPN, to partially credit Steve Jobs with the “mass adoption of devices around the globe”. Ironically though, he also heavily restricted his children’s use of technology in the household.