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5 Ways For Busy Moms To Feel Special Again

by Ingeborg

If you are a mom, then you already understand how hard it is to juggle the lifestyle. You are a superhero, a conglomeration of the woman of steel who makes pancakes, scrambled eggs, and gets her kids to school on time. At least one in three moms feel like they don’t have enough time in the day to spend on themselves.

Feeling the need to be special again is a large hurdle moms all over the world are thinking about. “Am I still relevant?” After a while, this can hurt the mentality of ladies who puts their families before their own needs.


What if you could do all of that, and still ensure you had that little extra “me” time? To be able to sit on the couch with a good book without someone screaming your name and how they can’t find something would be excellent. In this article, we want to discuss some simple tips you busy moms can use to create more time for yourself and stay sane while juggling the superhero act too.

#1 – Set a Schedule

Most moms don’t get any time to themselves until 11 pm or midnight. That’s just not going to cut it because, by this time, you’re ready for bed. You need some time for yourself. Your brain has to wind down and relax. In doing so, you can concentrate on the responsibilities of the next day, watch a good Netflix show, or just chat with your significant other. This is crucial for you to gather yourself and feel special in your own way. It helps you establish your worth in the family.


In order to get to bed before the rooster crows, you need to set a family schedule. The husband may be the head of the house, but you’re the neck, and the neck turns the head. Concentrate all your firepower on a strict schedule and adhere to it. Kids out of bed, breakfast ate, and off to school by 7 am.

Lunch by noon, house chores, grocery shopping by 2 pm. You get the drill. When your family begins to see a schedule, a routine will soon emerge, and by the 8 pm bedtime, your kids won’t have to be told to go to sleep, their internal clock will tell them for you. A schedule is one of the best ways to manage the home because it allows the right amount of time for everyone in the family, including you.

#2 – Buy Something For Yourself


I know the running joke, “women be shoppin’,” but in this case, it can help. Psyche Central describes the feelings of serotonin when a woman takes some time for herself (see ‘set a schedule’) and purchase something she wants. Every day women purchase things their family needs, and people seem to forget that.

However, take a day every other month and purchase something cute for yourself. One suggestion we have is  E and O Apparel. A modest church dresses boutique that carries all sorts of special items you won’t feel guilty spending your money on. Feel good about buying something you want, not something you necessarily need from time to time.

#3 – Get a Good Night’s Rest


This may seem like an odd suggestion to make yourself feel special, but science has proven that women who get enough rest throughout the night create more anandamide in the body. Anandamide is only one of several characteristics of a good night’s sleep. It is through rest that your body begins to heal itself, regenerate the body, and rejuvenate all areas of the mind as well.

Sleep is an important factor in feeling worthy of what you’re doing on a daily basis. Have your significant another switch with you if you have small children who wake up every night. You both need rest, and since you are a team, this is how you can conquer the hurdle of a sleepless night. 1 out of every 3 adults don’t get enough rest, and it causes harmful things to happen mentally and physically. Get some rest.

#4 – Join a Group, Make a Friend

One of the most important factors of being a mom is that most of the time, you’re alone. Don’t get us wrong, we realize you’re a strong person, but even the strongest people need support. You need to understand that you’re not the only one in this position and it is healthy for you to talk about this. Get out there and make a friend. Facebook has a great opportunity to join a mom group that shares different secrets, home remedies, and fears with each other. Some even have a meetup once a month at a local coffee shop. It’s important to remember there are others out there like you who can help.

#5 – Have a Nightlife


The best thing about being a grown-up is that you don’t have to answer to anyone. Or is it? It seems that when we were teenagers, there were always these adults telling us what we couldn’t do. As adults, it’s the kids who are constantly needing us in some form or fashion.

However, as a woman who works full time as a mother needs to get out of the house and have her own fun. Did you know there is a great invention called the babysitter? Use it. More than likely, there are other moms in your area who can recommend a trustworthy babysitter who will allow you to get out of the house and blow off some steam.

In Conclusion

If you are a mom, guardian of a beautiful child or children, grandparents doing it all over again, or some form of caregiver then you are tasked with guiding the world’s elite into the coming century. It’s not a task for the faint of heart, and your heart is one of the best. You have accepted the challenge and took it head-on. If you have been feeling a little “less than special” lately, don’t worry. These five things are here for you to grab onto that hope that you’re still relevant and special to everyone in your life.