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5 Unique Gifts You Will Want To Buy For Yourself This Fall

by William Gist

If you know that the best way to make someone happy with a gift is to personalize it or customize it in your way, then the same thing will apply to you as well. If you have recently done a good job at that difficult task at work, you aced that test at college or school you should get yourself some gifts. If you have no idea what you should get for yourself this fall, here are some of the top 5 unique gifts you can buy.

1. Custom made necklace


Have you been recently thinking about getting a tattoo of something dear to your heart, but couldn’t find the time, money or you simply do not want to add something permanent to your body? Then you should consider getting yourself a custom made necklace with an inscription. There are a lot of styles you can choose from online or even make the design yourself, however, the important thing is you can engrave anything you want. So whether it’s your birthday, a fond memory, anniversary or your dog’s name you can simply put anything you want.

2. A portrait of your pet (if you have one)


Do you love your pet because it can help you get through the worst times? Is your dog or cat always there for you when you are home alone and bored? Well, this is a great idea for a unique gift both for you, your pet and your room. You can order online a custom painted portrait of your animal friend and put it up on your wall in the bedroom or in the dining room, wherever you want. This way you’ll have that beautiful furry friend always with you and it is a great way to decorate your blank walls.

3. Custom star map


If you have recently felt that your walls at home feel blank or empty, you should definitely consider something to fill in that space. A great option is a custom map of constellations and stars based on a certain location and date. This means that if you have cherished experience under a starry sky, you could order a map of the stars that appeared on that exact date, time and location.

If you want a properly made, high-quality star map, we recommend that you check out Twinkle in Time.

4. Kitchen tools


If you have recently felt that you are missing out on tools in the kitchen to fulfill all your cooking dreams, then this fall is the best time you should spend some money on new kitchen equipment. Whether it’s a potato peeler, a brand new and sharp knife or even a juicer to keep your mornings healthy with fresh juice.

5. Bath Towels


Bath towels might not seem like the best or most exciting gift you can get yourself, but as the cold days are nearing you will definitely learn to appreciate a soft and thick towel after those hot showers or baths. Keep in mind, if you want a quality towel, you should fork out more than just a couple of bucks.