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5 Things to Remember When Buying Fancy Bangles

by Dangula Bingula

Who does not love splurging on jewelry? With shops and markets coming up with new designs and styles every season, you just need to get every new piece for your wardrobe. Be it for special occasions or formal wear or just casual brunches with friends, a good pair of bangles is a must. It adds a touch of style and luxury that your outfit needs and makes you look dressed up with bare minimum effort. However, in order to buy the right bangles there are certain important things that you need to keep in mind. Let’s find out!


Remember these 5 Things When Buying Bangles

    • Quality – When looking for bangles to add to your collection, always remember not to compromise on quality. Do not buy products that are too cheap as they can get damaged very easily and thus will not last for long. It will become a waste of money. If you buy ones of good quality then you can wear them for a long time. Moreover, poor quality ornaments often cause skin problems and allergies which can be avoided if you purchase ones that are of high quality.
    • Size – Fancy bangles come in a variety of designs, some with clasps and links and others just simple round shaped and some even in other unique shapes. Therefore what matters is to know your wrist size so that you can purchase it for yourself. Not knowing your size can lead to wrong purchases and that needs to be avoided, especially when you buy expensive ones like big gold, diamond, silver bangles and more.


  • Warranty – It is very important to know about the warranty and guarantee rules and regulations before purchasing fancy bangles. If you are buying gold ones then it is a must to check for hallmark to be assured that you are buying a product made of authentic gold. Never invest in gold bangles that do not have the hallmark. Such proofs also exist for ones made of other material like diamond and silver.
  • Price – Before purchasing , it is always recommended to browse through multiple catalogs of Melorra.com and even check online or visit different stores. Compare the prices of the bangles you like and buy from a place where you get the best offers and deals. However it is also important to make sure that you do not buy something too cheap as it might lead to bad products.
  • Purpose – In order to find the right bangles for yourself it is always better to have a clear idea about the kind of design you want. Whether you want something for daily wear or formal wear or maybe something for parties and weddings, knowing what you want will help you narrow down your choices.


So these are some important tips that you need to remember when buying fancy bangles. These will help you in picking the right one for yourself. Look your best every day!