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5 Secrets to Obtain Fast Votes for Online Polls with Full Power

by Sinke Car

Starting your business promotion on social media is very different from offline marketing. In this modern era, we need highly skilled professional marketer to promote our business on the internet. All over the world, 38% of people from the whole population spend 2 hours of time online every day.

Television and radio marketing went back to second and third place when online marketing taking number 1 place. There are many promoting ways available to use to get more votes for contests. To find the right platform to start your contest promotion, you need to analyze a lot of things. At first, you need to hire the right professionals to execute your plans.


In this guide, we tell you about the top 5 secrets that help to obtain fast votes for your power polls.

1. Create the best goal to market the poll

Analyze the following things to find the answers to create the best goal.

– Find how many contestants join for the contest you choose.

– Check the competitor’s power by analyzing their social media profiles.

– Evaluate the number of votes, clicks, and likes you need to take the lead.

– The time of the contest running country. (Note: some contests run on different countries and it allows contestants to join from anywhere in the world.)

– Selecting the right platforms to promote the contest online.

When you have the right answers for these questions and you can easily create the best goal.

2. Get power from your friends and family

When you join for contest, you can get a unique link for your contest entry. This link can be shared anywhere to get maximum votes for your entry. Create a unique short custom link for every platform you choose. So, you can get right plans for the well working platform.

Share these custom links with your friends and family. Write succinct posts on your profile page and tell your guys to help you to win prizes. 90% of the time, you can get quick responses from your family and friends circle. So, you can use this tactic to get votes in the starting time of your contest.

Start to add more friends to your social media page to grow your traffic as much as possible. You might see the profiles of celebrities have 1000 friends and followers in their profiles. They use this tactic to push their votes to count whenever they need it.

To get the interest of your fans, you have to post quality content regularly on your profile and business page.


3. Paid social promotion

Gathering organic traffic from social media and search engines take lots of time off work. The ideal duration to get healthy traffic using the organic promotion method is 6 months to 1 year. The results you get at the end of the organic traffic always be higher than any paid promotion.

Top working paid promotions are advertising your content using perfect images, presentation videos, and cool video ads. You have to look at your competitor’s strategy to find the working methods. Apply the same type of promotion to your polling link to get quick traffic to win prizes.

Social media allows you to target the right audience for any business. Create a different set of ad groups to know the well succinct words. Experts recommend newbie marketers to use a landing page when people click ads than using a direct voting page.

On the landing page, provide perfect offers to the viewers and then redirect them to your voting link. Using this strategy, anyone can easily increase their votes fast for sure.

Bonus tip: Re-targeting is mandatory because 70% of the time people just visit the landing page without a vote for your link. Connect them again using a re-target campaign to get 90% of benefits from paid advertisements.

4. Buying votes online with voting agencies

By doing a simple google search for Buy votes for contest, you will get a list of voting agencies. Check the top companies and send them queries to get a quotation to win the contest. You can send the file containing the rules and terms through Email.


These agencies have the right professionals to answer you in a short time period. Even some agencies like https://vapulsemedia.net provide online chat support to the visitors to clear their doubts instantly.

When you order with voting agencies, you don’t need to spend money on other third-party tools to help to vote. The voting agency you hire should have all the necessary tools to start the voting process instantly.

5. Hiring virtual assistants

Virtual assistants can hire through sites like freelancer or Fiverr. Tell the right tasks to them to do over the contest duration time. Normally, virtual assistants work daily basis payment type. You can also tell them to get payment for number of votes than day basis.


Post projects on several projects outsourcing platforms and read all the bids you receive from the freelancers. Chat with them and tell them about your contest methods to follow. This is super-secret method since no one can track the voting source. Sometimes, you may need to purchase a VPN for IP based contests. When you need external tools like, a proxy which you can find out more about at sites like proxyway or proxydex and cookies clear applications and you need to provide to the virtual assistants to continue the job. For normal IP contests, these virtual assistants are enough to handle any situation.

Note: In modern times, marketers run contests on social media platforms. For those contests, you must need a lot of accounts on the particular platform to gather votes. In this case, voting agencies only can help to achieve the number of votes you want.