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5 Foolproof Tips To Pass the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment Test

by Sinke Car

Previously called the Professional Learning Indicator test, the Predictive Index Cognitive test aims to measure the cognitive abilities of a candidate. It is given by recruiters to assess the skills of candidates beyond what’s on their resume.

It’s a 12-minute test with a total of 50 questions in which you have to score high if you wish to get your dream job. This means the recruiters will not solely hire you on the basis of your respective degree, but also by gauging your learning capabilities and ability to grasp new things.


So, if you are preparing for the exam, here are some foolproof tips that will help you maximize your score:

Get Familiar With Questions:

The PI cognitive test will have 9 questions, three from each section, so make yourself familiar with each one of them. This way you will be able to make a swift decision on whether or not to skip the question.


The questions will come from these sections:

  • Numerical:  The numerical section will have questions from the series, the lowest value, and word problems.
  • Verbal:  In this section, you will get questions from Analogies, Analysis, and Antonyms.
  • Abstract: Abstract section has Series, Analogies, and Odd-one-out questions.

Also, keep in mind that every screen will have 5 questions on one page. You can jump to other questions as well as previous ones from the icons placed at the end of the page. Moreover, calculators are not allowed, and the time will be running aside the screen.

Practice a Sample Test With the Clock Running:


Since the PI Cognitive Assessment test is time-bound, and there will be a clock running, practice as if you are given the actual one. When taking the practice one, set a 12-minute timer.

In every time-bound test, speed is the crucial factor, so dedicate a pre-set time to each question so that you won’t be left with many unanswered questions. Practice more, take online sample tests, and get a high score. For more details, check – iPrep, as they have plenty of sample types that look-and-feel like the real thing.

Check Out The Language:

Currently active in more than 50 countries, the test is available in 70+ languages. So, your first step should be choosing your language. Try giving it in your mother tongue, as the reading speed and the vocabulary is better and smooth in the mother tongue.

Taking the test in another language will result in a low score as you are likely to read slow and can stumble upon many things.

Plan Your Strengths:


It’s very uncommon for candidates have strong Math and Verbal skills. People either have a strong numeric section or favor alphabets. So, dig more and check your strengths. Give yourself the chance to attempt questions that you are most comfortable with.

Keep Speed In Mind:


Just like other cognitive tests, PI cognitive assessment test is all about completing as many as questions in the given time.

However, it’s not about attempting every question. In fact, your ability to answer correctly will give recruiters the idea of how capable you are to deal with the cognitive demands. It will also tell you about your ability to process complex information and your skills to deal with the demands of the job.  You need not to correctly solve all the given questions as only 1% of the candidates are able to answer all of them.

Also, you do not want to be in a situation of 13/50 and find that you are left with no time to look at other questions. So, go through all to see the maximum number of them that come under your strengths.

The PI cognitive test is just one of many factors that recruiters will consider before hiring you. And, the best thing you can do is to practice more and prepare yourself.