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Everything You Need to Know About Alcohol Server Training

by Tracy Finke

Working in the alcohol service industry is a rewarding and fun job. However, running a restaurant or a bar could be quite time-consuming when you keep up with the regulations and train all your staff. However, it will not be hard if the insurer puts the needed resources right at your fingertips.

The thing here is that providing alcohol server training is not just a bucket list to check off. It’s not a way to lessen the risk, even if it does that.

Alcohol server training is also a great way to do your business, welcoming customers who enter. Best of all, it guarantees the safety of the community.

Unfortunately, not all restaurants understand the importance of alcohol server training of crews and staff. Also, some states don’t require such training, or it’s just required minimally.

In this article, you will understand how important alcohol training is and why it’s so important to consumers’ health and the business’s betterment.

Understanding the Alcohol Server Training

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The alcohol server training educates alcohol servers about the alcohol laws and how they should safely serve alcohol. The thing here is that bartenders, servers, barbacks, and even managers should be knowledgeable enough to serve alcohol responsibly.

Every state regulates alcohol service and sales separately. That’s why some states don’t require alcohol server certification or training. However, in general, you may expect that the alcohol server training will cover the following:

  • Regulations about selling and serving alcohol in establishments, such as the private clubs
  • Applicable local and state laws that will regulate serving and selling alcohol to intoxicated minors and people
  • The physiological and psychological effects of alcohol on the human body
  • Spotting fake IDs
  • Eliminate and minimize or even reduce the liability of the organization and individual
  • How, When, and Why do refuse alcohol sales
  • How, When, and Why get rid of angry guests from the premises

If your staff member handling alcohol in the business is trained well enough about these topics, there will surely be positive effects beyond liability issues.

Importance of Alcohol Server Training

Here’s what you need to know about the importance of alcohol server training.

Helps protect customers

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Working in the alcohol industry is a job that lets alcohol servers connect with different people. But, unfortunately, it’s also a kind of industry that may impact the safety of individuals and the community.

The alcohol server training also gives techniques and knowledge that an alcohol server needs to make sure that customers will enjoy their drinks with a sense of responsibility. It aims to prevent chaos in the establishment and to maintain a safe place.

The preventive measures will help in lowering the negative impacts of alcohol. That’s why it’s highly recommended that employees of any licensed business should complete the alcohol server training. For more info click here.

Required by law

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Not only will the alcohol server training give them the knowledge they need, but it may also be required by the law to complete the training and get a certificate.

Of course, each state has its laws for alcohol server training. Such examples are:

  • Management and supervisors with valid alcohol server certificates must be on the premises during the time that alcohol is being served
  • Employed alcohol servers at any licensed business should have a valid certificate
  • Alcohol servers should renew certificates every three years

With that, you must be sure you know the training requirements for the state where you will be working. Failure to comply with the training requirements could result in penalties and disciplinary actions.

That said, anyone who wants to work in the alcohol service industry should have an Alcohol Server Certificate. It could also give an advantage over some candidates for the job.

Why is Alcohol Training Provided?

There are four reasons why alcohol server training is provided. These are:

1. Liability

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About 43 states in the U.S. have a variety of what is known as the dram shop law. These laws hold businesses accountable for serving and selling alcohol, especially to minors or intoxicated people, that could later cause death, property damage, or injury.

2. Safety

In addition to not being liable for death, damage, and injury, it would be ideal to prevent it for the sake of it. Those are bad things, and if you can contribute to sanity through responsible policies and training, you should.

Always keep the community, customers, and the public safe. It will always be your responsibility as the steward of economic activity. The goal here is not just to serve customers their needs, but their safety is what matters.

3. Career Progression

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Every time you conduct training, it enhances the career prospects of the staff. The same goes for free alcohol server training, as any training on any subject related to the job would make the recipients more qualified to do the job. Employees can work with ease and worry-free, as they already know how to work things out.

4. Customer Experience

If you want to increase customer satisfaction in your business, don’t let your place become filled with dangerous people. These drunk people could potentially degrade every aspect of the customer experience, making other customers feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

However, proper training guarantees that the bad eggs will not pollute the social dynamic of the business. That’s one great thing a training would bring to the establishment, every customer will become more satisfied.

Wrapping Up

Having a properly trained staff on alcohol service could contribute to expanding and creating a very positive impact on the restaurant. The staff does not only prevent those rowdy customers from ruining other customers, but they could also contribute to keeping the community and customers safe.

While not everyone is given the chance to be educated about safe server training and alcohol laws, now is the time to become more equipped with knowledge about alcohol server training. That way, everything will work out just fine for the employee, and the establishment. And that’s exactly what this training would like to aim for.