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2020 Toyota Supra – Everything You Need to Know

by William Gist

The Toyota Supra was a favorite for a long time for many car enthusiasts. It first entered production in the 1970s and proved that it is a great sports car with amazing performance. It is was a 2 door coupe, with a timeless design that stayed as number one for lots of petrolheads. The Supra was also a favorite for people who loved to mod vehicles.

This car had so much potential that it could be modded to perform better than cars that were worth 10 times its price. Sadly, the production of this amazing vehicle stopped in 2002 and Toyota since then forgot about its number one coupe. That is until Toyota finally decided that it is time to give this model a reborn and in 2018 announced that they already have a new model in production and that it will carry its original name, Supra.

2020 Toyota Supra


While the model still hasn’t been officially released, there have multiple auctions of the first production samples, and the very first one was sold for more than 2 million US dollars. This just shows how much people love this model. The brand new model really did manage to live up to its hype and legendary status.

However, if you are interested in the 2024 Supra, then you probably already knew all this, and it is time to tell you everything you need to know about it. If you want to know about its price variance, starting price, performance specs and all the other bits and pieces, make sure you keep reading. If you want to learn more about the Toyota Supra, its specs, and looks, we recommend that you check out avandamobil.com

The specification of the Toyota Supra

2020 Toyota Supra Engine


Toyota claims that this new Supra will be able to impress people just as the old model because it delivers awesome performance with its BMW engine. The Supra is equipped with a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine that can deliver up to 330 horsepower. Just as the last 2002 model, Toyota decided to place the engine as low as possible and as far back so that they can successfully achieve that 50:50 distribution of weight, so the vehicle can have great control.

The new model weighs somewhere around 3,400 lbs or 1540 kilograms, and the standard version will come with 18-inch wheels. However, sadly, for the manual transmission enthusiasts, the Supra has been announced to only have an automatic transmission, although there might be a manual variant in the future. We can only hope.

This new Toyota can get from zero to 60 in an impressive time of just 4.1 seconds and its maximum speed limit is 155mph.

2020 Toyota Supra Interior


Pricing of the Toyota Supra

The standard variant of the Toyota Supra is expected to be somewhere around $50,000. This one will come with the 3.0-liter inline-six engine, however, you will have the chance to grab the cheaper variant after a few months when the 4-cylinder engine variant gets released. Keep in mind, this information might change since there is still time until the model’s release.