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18 Musicians Who Now Hold Average Joe Jobs

by Nebojša Vujinović

Music is a great way to become famous and earn a fortune. But it can only get you so far if you are not extraordinary in what you do. If you are not all that good, sooner or later you’d had to quit on music, as you’ll need money to get along through life. This is why some people who managed to get famous, even if it was for a while, now hold regular jobs, just like the rest of us. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to a selected few, who moved away from the spotlight, on intention or because they had to, to lead a quiet life while working jobs that are not in the public awe.

MC Hammer

Who would have thought? Not me. The famous meme fits here perfectly. The once famous MC is now a pastor at Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose. Well done! He found faith after his close friend 2Pac was murdered and after getting roughed by life due to bankruptcy.

Source: hiphop-n-more.com

Willa Ford

The once singer on the rise failed in their music career after her second single I Wanna Be Bad turned out to be a failure. Instead, she’s now pursuing a career focused on interior design. The unfortunate downfall of her career started on America’s worst day as she released her single on 11th September of 2001.

Source: popcrush.com

Jeffrey Allen “Skunk” Baxter

This man is an extraordinary person. He not only founded the Steely Dan band, but he also became a counter-terrorist expert who is now employed by the US Ministry of Defense. Not a man to joke around.

Source: rockfileradioofficial.blogspot.com

Alice Nutter

She once was the frontman of Chumbawamba and did quite well in her time with the band, but her interests shifted in another direction. She is now fulfilled as a screenwriter and playwright. According to her, it was something she always wanted to do.

Source: theguardian.com

Cindy Birdsong

Cindy Birdsong was one of the leading members of a band named Supremes. Once she quit, she chased her long-life dream and became a nurse.

Source: beachamjournal.com

Vanilla Ice

The rapper decided to take things into his hands, by everything that term says it is. He is now employed on the DIY Network where he hosts the show called The Vanilla Ice Project. His in-home improvement skill is valued in this world as he has more than 15 years of experience.

Source: moneymakers.com

Russell Senior

A movie-like career is behind this man, as he once was a violinist in Pulp. After their music career, he is now a famed figure in the world of antiques where he works as a dealer. He also paved a path as a novelist.

Source: bbc.co.uk

Terminator X

Back in the day when Public Enemy was ruling the scene, he was their DJ. After suffering severe injuries in a motorcycle accident, he changed his career. Terminator X is now an ostrich farmer. His decision came in the wake of mad cow disease when beef manufacture was in danger in the UK.

Source: charlotteobserver.com

Jim Martin

Jim Martin had it all music-wise as the guitarist of Faith No More. After leaving the band he became a farmer versed in pumpkins a property manager. Good for him!

Source: faithnomorefollowers.com

JB Gill

JB Gill also became a farmer, only his manufacture is focused on pigs and turkeys. He shifted the trajectory of his career after his band JLS split, and he was no longer interested in a music career.

Source: inthecountrymagazine.com

Bill Berry

Bill Berry was quite famous as he was a drummer in R.E.M. But once the career with the band was over he took things in a different direction. He is now a hay farmer. This was the best decision he ever made because being a musician took a toll on him. You remember that he fell on stage in Switzerland due to a brain aneurysm.

Source: diffuser.fm

Dan Spitz

A career with Anthrax was one to behold, but once his time was out he quit. He is now a watchmaker, which is something he wants to excel at. The interesting part is that his grandfather was one also in addition to being an antique dealer.

Source: loudwire.com

Ailidh Lennon

Ailidh Lennon quite the career of a bass player in the once renown band Sons and Daughter to be a weaver and a chef.

Source: flickr.com

Alan Donohoe

This man took a complete turn in his career and choose a career that is very popular these days. He is now a software engineer, which is on the opposite side of the spectrum of being a singer for Rakes.

Source: youtube.com

Lloyd Dobbs

Dobbs decided he is better of being a manager of a charity fond at Goodwin Development Trust than being a bassist for Paddingtons. The organization he is now a part of is located in his hometown Hull.

Source: buzzfeed.com

Alannah Currie

Once an eccentric member of the Thompson Twins now finds joy in working with furniture. He even uses a pseudonym and goes by the name Miss Pokeno.

Source: rollingstone.com

Benedict Gautrey

Benedict is another man that turned to help society which is something that he does at Great Place to Work UK. There his occupation is a psychologist, which is something he pursued after splitting with Cooper Temple Clause where he was a guitarist and a singer.

Source: buzzfeed.com

Elliot Lurie

Lurie was quite famed as the face of Looking Glass. His singing career dropped dead after he went single, but that was not the end for him in the industry. He is now a music executive. Things didn’t go astray for him as he’s employed by Twentieth Century Fox.

Source: musicmediaintl.com