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12 Meghan Markle’s Roles Before Becoming The Duchess

by Nebojša Vujinović

Meghan Markle was very famous in the USA even before she met Prince Harry, but her worldwide fame came with the engagement and marriage.

Meghan had her first appearance on TV way back in 1995, and she had a very small role in Married… With Children, where her father was working as a television lighting director. Over the years she had small parts in different TV shows, and that was enough to make her more recognizable to the audience and directors. Soon after, she got a leading role in a Hallmark movie. 

Even though some movies weren’t exactly what she wanted, they helped her become one of the leading stars in Suits, which was her breakthrough in Hollywood.

Unfortunately, she had to stop filming when she married Prince Harry and became a working Royal member, and she had her first baby, son Archie. 

Yet all of this might change now, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to stop working as Royals and move from the UK to California, the heart of the movie industry. 

Will the former Duchess continue her acting career after baby No2, or will she continue to work on her charities, we are up to see, but for now here are the roles that defined her career.

General Hospital

Even though this was a really small, almost unnoticeable role, Meghan appeared in 2002 on a tv show General Hospital. The five lines she had as a nurse Jill on this show were enough to launch her career. Watch a short clip above and look at Meghan acting on the show.

A Lot Like Love

Meghan’s first appearance in a movie was on A Lot Like Love. She played a girl named Natalie, who sat next to Ashton Kutcher, but he wasn’t interested in chatting so she moved onto the next guy. In the credits she was named ‘Hot Girl’. 


source: cheatsheet.com

First role on CSI franchise Meghan had on CSI NY. She played Veronica Perez, a girl who was a suspect for a murder. In the episode, she was wearing sexy clothes, showing off her hot body. Also, she wore a blond wig for one scene. 


Meghan got another two-episode role in a TV show Fringe where she played FBI agent Amy Jessup. She was good at being an agent and solving crime

CSI Miami

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Meghan loved being on CSI and being an agent, so it’s not odd that she got another role on a crime tv show. On CSI Miami she played an officer Leah Montoya, who was helping the team solve a crime and also saving lives, as she rushed into a burning building to save agent Kelly and some other people before needing to be saved herself. 

Remember Me

Meghan played Megan (without H) in the 2010 movie Remember Me. This was also a small role. She played a bartender in a popular club where Robert Pattinson, who played the main character, was hanging out with his friend. 

This movie was special to Meghan as she later married the producer Trevor Engelson, but they divorced in 2013. 

Horrible Bosses

Another big movie and a small role for Meghan, but it was worth it. She played a FedEx girl who brought a package to Jason Sudeikis’ character. In the movie he even told her that she was too beautiful to be a FedEx girl, and that she should be an actress. 


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This was the last small role for Meghan. What is interesting is the fact that she played a princess. She was dressed as Sleeping Beauty in an episode ‘Once Upon A Crime’, where she was almost killed, before she was saved by Castle’s team. Little did we know that things are not what they seemed.

Random Encounters

In this movie about two girls who want to find love, we were able to see the crazy side of Meghan. She played Mindy, a LA party girl who tries to help her friend Laura to find the man she met in a coffee shop. Meghan had her first bigger role in the movie which opened many other doors.

When Sparks Fly

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Meghan’s first main role was in the Hallmark movie When Sparks Fly in 2014. The story is about a reporter living in a big city, who returns home for holidays. Even though she is in a relationship, she was unhappy, so being away makes her question the love she was feeling. At home she finds her ex-boyfriend and falls in love again. We have seen her being hurt and also being in love. This gained her another role in the Hallmark industry. 


Another great movie for Meghan, where she was playing a model girlfriend of a criminal pretending to be a street artist. She had a great role where we could see how she is protecting her man, which we saw many times in her real life.


source: .hochzeitszeit.com

Meghan’s breakthrough was definitely tv show Suits where she played Rachel Zane, a young paralegal at the beginning, to the great lawyer at the end. She was filming Suits from 2011 to 2018, when she became engaged to Prince Harry. After that the show lasted for two more seasons but it was as good as when Meghan was in it.