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5 Things To Focus On When Buying A Home Or Property In Spain

by Nina Smith

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions in one’s life. However, although first time home buyers describe the purchasing process as stressful, exhausting, even nerve-wracking; but also exciting, fun and life-changing – deciding to move from one country to another, or from one city to another is a whole new level of both excitement, stress, and complexity. This is exactly what people who want to move to another country go through, but they claim it’s worth it.

The big change that happens in the process of planning and executing the plan of moving, and finally – starting a new life in the country of your dreams, is what makes this experience one of the most significant events in one’s whole lifetime. That being said, did you ever dream of buying a home somewhere far away from the city you were born in, or the city you live in? If so, what destination would it be? Would it be an exotic, warm and tropical, Mediterranean city, or are you a countryside fan? Or maybe you’re in love with the mountains and the unparalleled whiteness off the snow?

Up until recently, it was unimaginable or at least harder to logistically organise moving overseas, especially if it’s a country far away from your hometown. Luckily, nowadays things are drastically different – geographical boundaries have slowly been erased, and the world has connected in numerous ways, giving its residents much more choices than 10, 20 or 30 years ago. By choices, we mean opportunities and options to choose from, when it comes to living the way you want, where you want, with whom you want, doing what you love and enjoying your environment and your community!

It’s been proven that more than 700 million people would migrate if they got a chance to do that. What’s the reason behind this?

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There could be several reasons for this phenomenon. One of them is surely the quality of life. In some countries, people live in a way that is more relaxed, slower, cheaper or more convenient; on the other hand, some people just love fast-paced environments, with a lot of people, opportunities and fun amenities. Whichever is your dream destination to retire, or to live in – a good thing to know is that everything is possible, as long as you want it. Still, before you move, the best thing you can do is to thoroughly research everything about the country of your choice and then make the final decision.

What are the world’s most desirable countries to live in? Some of the top countries people want to move to are countries such as Japan, Canada, Australia and finally, Spain. As the Europe’s second most visited destination, it offers much more than a beautiful vacation.

If you are deeply in love with the sun and you would gladly enjoy sunbathing on a daily basis, then this country is the right fit for you. But that’s not all. It’s only the beginning.

Spain is well-known for its friendly, extroverted, helpful and hedonistic people! It is also famous for its affordability, which is also one of the reasons people dream about moving here – it’s important to mention that this country is number two in Europe when it comes to living expenses and cheap yet high quality food. Mediterranean climate is what offers a plethora of fantastic fruits and vegetables that are organic and can be found as fresh produce in many of Spanish farmer’s markets. If you enjoy eating sea food, this country will be a heaven for you. Among all the benefits this country offers including great work prospects, amazing quality of life or great community, there is also one aspect that deserves to be mentioned – astonishing property opportunities. However, there are several things to know before you decide to purchase a property in this country.

1. You’ll easily find the perfect fit

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Whichever your preferences are are when it comes to property types, styles and costs, good news are that you’ll be able to find almost anything you can imagine thanks to the wide variety of buildings, since this country offers not only the traditional, even rural – old architecture properties, but also the modern and majestic newly built homes. Cities such as Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid are the most visited and the most-wanted when it comes to relocation.

2. Focus on the purpose

If the property of your choice will have a rental purpose, then you should pay attention to the nearest amenities and facilities, as well as the weather conditions and the season timing, since you should make your guests feel comfortable, no matter the time of the year – which also includes a lively area that’s exciting for tourists.

3. Don’t forget the outdoors

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Thanks to the sunny and warm weather in many cities across the Spain, you should keep in mind that the residents of Spain (and the visitors as well) spend the majority of their time enjoying the beautiful nature and mild climate. This means that you shouldn’t underestimate the power of astounding outdoor space that belongs to your property, so having a pool or a spacious backyard is definitely something you might want for yourself.

4. The better the location the higher the price

Remember, this country is just like any other when it comes to the relationship between the price and the location. If you are interested in acquiring a property or a home with a view or if you want to become an owner of a front line home, be prepared to pay more in order to get privileged and purchase a high-end property. Even if the inflation rate increases, or if prices drop, the most attractive properties will keep their price. Luckily, these homes and properties will still be much cheaper, compared to the common property prices in the US.

5. Double check everything

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When it comes to finding the right real estate agent, you should be equally careful as if you’re buying a home anywhere in the world. This means that you should opt for the reputable real estate agencies or websites such as javea.properties, that offer a wide variety of options you can choose from and that can help you on your purchasing and moving journey. Pick only the licences properties, and it would be the best if you could pick a finished property, rather than one of the properties that are still in progress.