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10 Dark Theories About Kids’ Movies That Will Make You See Them Differently

by Mary McFarren

Some wild theories are floating around about the most beloved kids’ movies. The social media community has come up with weird interpretations and ideas about the secret messages that, supposedly, are intertwined with the main storyline. Proceed with caution – you might have a totally different sentiment about your favorite movie.


Source: USA Today

A charming robot is left alone to clean up the Earth after people polluted it so much that it became uninhabitable. In the post-apocalyptic world, buried in trash, one little droid is working around the clock to try and make it a green place again. Or is he? Why is he alone? Were people so stupid to level just one robot to mop up the entire planet? It doesn’t make much sense. Fans might have an explanation. Wall-E actually killed all other robots on Earth and used them for spare parts. As creepy as it sounds, it might be a viable interpretation. The fact that Wall-E is alone is never even remotely discussed in the movie.


Source: Disney+

Movie Up is a touching story about the unlikely friendship between a young boy, Russell, and a grumpy old man, Carl. Now, Carl is a widower, depressed, alone, and still longing for his late wife Ellie. Russell and Carl embark on a journey that will take them through some strange landscapes, in search of Paradise Falls, Ellie’s favorite spot. Now, the widespread opinion is that the boy actually took Carl on a life-changing voyage that eventually leads him to his wife who is in Paradise (Falls). It adds up when you think about it. This actually might be the backstory of the movie.


Source: Marmalade Art

In “Maximum Overdrive” trucks turn on their owner killing everyone. The machines take over the world and reign for the rest of time, without humans. Some fans connected the dots, claiming that Cars are a sequel to this Stephen King’s story. There are no people in Cars, and the vehicles adopted human behaviors and characteristics. It could be a reasonable explanation, but, on the other side, there are many movies where humanoid machines rule in the absence of people.

Finding Nemo

Source: Vulture

The theory about “Finding Nemo” is really depressing. Marlin lost his family due to a barracuda attack. However, one little fish egg was left – Nemo. Marlin, a widower and a father to 399 killed children, gets super attached and overprotective to his only child. Now, here’s the dark part. In fact, Nemo doesn’t exist. Marlin created this illusion in his mind to somehow ease the pain of losing his entire family. Nemo, in Latin, means No One. A completely downhearted theory. Let us believe that Marlin and Nemo are living happily ever after on the Coral Reef.

Winnie the Pooh

Source: DW

The theory about Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin is truly bizarre. Some claim that every character is actually a representation of one or more mental disorders. So, then we have Pooh with OCD, Eeyore is clinically depressed, Piglet has anxiety and Tigger had ADHD. And here’s the bombshell – Christopher is schizophrenic and all of them exist only in his head. Could it be that Christopher is only coping with the outside world by creating his own, inner one? That could change everything.


Source: YouTube

Aladdin is sane, but living in a post-apocalyptic world. The basis for this theory is that he was captured in the lamp for ten centuries and when he finally came out, the world was a very different place. Not much of civilization is left, just a city in the middle of the desert. A video game by the same name features some unexploded nukes, as a sign of a lost world. It’s a stretch, but who knows? It is a strange story after all.

Peter Pan

Source: Dan of Geek

This one is not new, but one of the most probable. Peter Pan takes children flying to Neverland which is a clear paradise innuendo. He is actually taking dead kids’ souls to the sky, to paradise, to God. In any case, it seems like the creators didn’t even hide this fact. It’s almost obvious that this is the case.

Harry Potter

Source: IGN

The theory about the whole Harry Potter series is quite dark. Fans came up with this version of the books, and the movies, that Harry was in fact a neglected, or maybe even abused child who made up the whole new world. Not just any magic world, but the one where he would have all the power – a capacity that he was stripped of in reality. It’s a grim narrative that could be the truth. After all, nothing in Harry Potter’s books is real.

Pixar movies

Source: Pocket Lint

The creators of Pixar studio are geniuses. Many great movies came from their shop – Toy Story, Up, Cars, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Monsters Inc, and many more. Now, some devoted fans who watched all of them several times thought that all movies are connected, meaning the stories exist in the same world but at different times. Could it be? Sure, everything is possible in the Pixar factory.

Home Alone

One of the scariest theories is that Kevin McCallister grew up to be Jigsaw in “Saw” horror movie. The assumption is that Jigsaw gained all his skills and ideas while he was left alone in the house to fight off the intruders. From then on, he became obsessed with the game of taunting people with his horrific concepts. One would really need to stretch the imagination to connect the Christmas family comedy with a bloody horror movie. Although the hypothesis is highly unlikely, some people claim that the link is clear and undeniable.