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8 Stats to Show You Why Your Business Needs Marketing Automation

by Ingeborg

Marketing automation is the new buzz word that is driving small business and mid-sized business marketing efforts all over the digital world. We all know that to grow your business successfully, you would have to necessarily have the right presence online fueled by engaging content and interactions.

Yet, with so many online platforms and social media platforms, many businesses, especially the smaller ones with small teams, find it challenging to maintain a presence on every platform at the same time. Marketing automation software is the new name of the game.


With marketing automation software or email marketing automation, you can be sure that there will be a consistent stream of marketing deliverables. This can go across your email and your social media pages as well. With marketing automation, several things happen for your small and growing business or even your mid-sized business. The very first thing is that your productivity grows by leaps and bounds.

The business and its team will become even more productive thanks to the fact that there will be a massive cut down in tackling small and random tasks that can also get monotonous. With marketing automation, those tasks are appropriately scheduled and lined up so that they are completed on time and without any confusion. This also leads to better collaboration between team members since everyone will be alerted of their tasks to avoid duplication and completely missing out on the same. Businesses would benefit from advertising management tools included in an all-in-one marketing automation platform such as Adplorer to improve the efficiency and performance of their marketing teams.

With email marketing automation software, we also get the benefit of combining our CRM and email or marketing automation software. How does this help? Well, to begin with, it brings all the information and interactions on to one platform, and the marketing automation, as well as the email marketing automation efforts, become centralized, and this leads to more wholesome campaigns that hit the home run more often than not. All in all, when you turn to market automation and your CRM together, you will get a higher conversion rate as compared to manual methods.


Now that we have managed to establish how marketing automation is a must-have for all businesses in this day and age, let us also cast a glance on those stats that will show you 8 ways in which marketing automation has actually helped businesses all over the globe – and how your business can be one of them:

  1. 14.5% increase in sales productivity: When you turn to a marketing automation software, there is an almost 15% increase in the way your sales teams operate and the number of conversions they close. This points directly at an exponential increase in productivity, unlike any other technology or tool. It can be seen that this figure is enough to help you scale your business fast!
  2. 77% increase in conversions: In keeping with the above findings that fuel the sales teams and help them attain higher productivity, it has also been seen that conversions grow up a solid 77% for teams that employ marketing automation and email marketing automation as well. This is due to the fact that these methods help in reaching and engaging the client or prospect in a far better manner.
  3. 80% of users register an increase in lead generation: As per many studies, 80% of the users who had turned to market automation found that there were being able to see and generate a high jump in the number of leads. When your business can generate and tap into a higher number of leads, it can easily take your rate of conversion much higher than ever before, as is evident from the statistic above.
  4. 12.2% decrease in expenditure over marketing costs: The marketing spends something that tends to go high and out of hand for most companies. In such a scenario, it is essential to bring down the costs, and good marketing automation software helps you do precisely that. With marketing automation on your side, you can see a 12.2% dip in marketing overheads and the expenditure that you would have to incur over the same. This is mainly because the automation functions take care of most of the tasks, and hence you do not need to hire more people to put in more visibility and marketing efforts.
  5. 91% of users say marketing automation is essential: When you have a statistic like that, it would be complicated to continue doing business without this very vital tool on your side. Apparently, as per a study, 91% of the marketing automation users have said that this kind of a platform or software is very important for the health and growth of a business, irrespective of size. This is mainly due to the increase in productivity as well as the overall increase in conversions and leads.
  6. 63% of businesses plan on making more room for marketing automation: That’s the percentage of marketers and companies that want to increase their marketing budget so that they can make more room for marketing automation and its advanced features. This should get you thinking too, right! Since that is where the competition is, it would be worthwhile to consider joining these numbers.
  7. 74% users agree that marketing automation saves them time: When you bring in a marketing automation software or email marketing automation, you save lots of time, and hence you and your team can concentrate on more tasks to engage your consumers and make meaningful and long-lasting conversions. And as we all know, time is money in the world of business!
  8. 22% of users insist that the way their campaign targeting is structured, and its results are much better and improved thanks to the adoption of marketing automation with its metrics and insights. This shows that marketing automation is here to stay thanks to all its intuitive features.


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