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Best Wooden Pizza Oven for Outdoors – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Wooden Pizza Oven is a dream come true for all pizza lovers. It brings that true taste of delicious crunchy pizza straight from Italy. According to pizzaovenradar.com, a perfect oven provides a whole new range of activities you can take part in with your family and friends. You don’t need any extra entertainment if you have a pizza oven at home to organize great birthday parties for kids, cozy family dinners, or thematic events. This wooden stove is the best amusement ever. Ask your guests to help you with pizza making, stuffing it with versatile flavors, and you got them.

Many years ago, pizza ovens were immobile, too expensive, and gigantic. They were affordable only for a tiny group of owners of gigantic empty backyards and patios. Now, pizza ovens have different shapes, mobility, sizes.

Wooden Oven for Pizza: Features

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The vast majority of outdoor pizza ovens work on wood. While gas, propane, and charcoal ovens are on-demand, the wood-burning stove is still the most popular among them. These ovens can easily reach up to 800F, guarantee wooden aroma and crispy crusts. You may even change wood specifically to provide a unique flavor of smoke up to your preferences. There are two main types of wood:

Hardwoods pizza oven. Hardwoods burn much longer than softwoods and denser. They create higher temperatures inside the oven. Trees that belong to hardwoods are maple, oak, birch, cherry, pear, ash, pecan, apple.

Softwoods pizza oven. These woods burn faster and are good for ovens of small sizes that spread the heat batter and keep it longer. You will unlikely receive intense smoky flavor, but the baking process may be even faster. Trees that are widely used as softwoods are yellow and white pine and cedar.


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Outdoors ovens for pizza are made specifically to withstand different weather, keeping the temperature inside high and spread it evenly around the dough. To increase the temperature and prevent it from decreasing, some stove owners prefer to line them with bricks. Bricks do not let the heat lessen. Besides, bricks minimize the possibility of getting burns from touching the oven outside. It stays cool. You may need to look for the refractory floor of the oven. It helps to keep the heat inside the machine and guarantees even convection. Check out for the presence of a rack inside the oven, which doubles as a holder of the wood.

Size of the oven

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One of the first things you have to pay attention to searching for the outdoors oven is its size. The design of the stove is also important. The oven must not only fit into your patio but also be suitable for cooking pizzas or other food for a big company:

  • Small ovens are used for baking one pizza at a time. Don’t worry; they can heat fast enough to speed up the general time of baking;
  • Large ovens can handle up to four pizzas at the same time. You will not have to make pizza one after another non-stop. It is a great option for big companies and parties.

Normally, the baking chamber size comes in gallons. Take into consideration the fact that the bigger the chamber, the heavier is the whole oven. Large pizza ovens are less mobile. If you have a small backyard and can’t keep the oven there forever, you will need a small size. Large baking machines can weigh up to 500 lbs. Many portable ovens of high quality have four wheels attached to their legs. Make sure the oven you order has them if you need to transport it around the yard. Smaller stoves are more lightweight and can be easily folded and carried around.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

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Before you order your first wooden oven for the backyard, think about all the features you want from this product. Nobody says that this oven must be good only for pizzas. You can bake pies inside, fry sausages, or anything you want. However, to reach success in baking with this oven, you have to make sure that the tool is suitable for you. Pay attention to the following features:

  • Space you can provide to the oven. Measure the empty space in advance. Keep in mind that you may want to move the stove around. Besides, wooden stoves provide the smoke, which not all neighbors can tolerate. Think about all the details, including the absence of trees nearby.
  • Amount of pizzas you want to cook. If you are used to big parties with all your friends around, you may want to use large pizza ovens, and cook 4 big pizzas at the same time. Big ovens are not transportable, and you have to make empty space in your yard to plant the oven there permanently. Keep in mind that if you are going to move out in the nearest future, you may need a transportable oven.
  • Materials and design. Don’t go for the cheaper version. Original ovens are made of clay, cement, and a high-quality steel door that can hold the heat for 3 hours. The curved design of the oven heats the pizza faster and allows it to bake at higher temperatures.
  • Types of wood you use. It impacts the whole quality of the food you cook. Wooden ovens do not require any electricity and guarantee a pleasant wooden aroma. Which flavor you want is up to you. Once you decide, pick the specific wood and order it. Wooden ovens heat up slower than gas or electric, but the authentic feeling is lost.

No matter which oven you choose, always keep in mind safety rules. Do not put pizza inside the oven with your bare hands. Don’t touch the heated oven with your hands if there is no coating on it. Do not try to take out pizza from the oven without protective heat resistant gloves or other specific tools. If you have small kids at the house, do not let them go near the open fire inside the oven. Following all these rules, you will simply enjoy the baking process and outstanding flavors of handmade pizza.

Pizza oven allows you to bake not only pizza but steaks, roasts, burgers, and pies. If you are not sure whether to buy a BBQ and pizza oven together, go for the oven, as you will be able to do both with one tool. Master your skills with the best wooden pizza oven, and become well-known for your culinary skills among your family, friends, and neighbors.