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How to Sell Your Old Car and Get the Most for It – 2024 Guide

by Elsa Stringer

Sometimes selling a car isn’t easy at all. You need to do some things before you sell it, and sometimes you don’t even get enough money for it. So, it can all be pretty stressful. Of course, there are some tips and methods that you can use to boost the potential of your future sale. You need to organize everything right so that the whole process goes smoothly. And don’t worry if things seem to be a bit confusing at the beginning.

We are going to try and share the best tips on how to sell your old car. And get the most out of that sale. Sit back, relax, and start making notes, because you’ll need these tips.

Prepare all the necessary paperwork


Paperwork, in general, can be tedious and annoying at the same time, so you need to prepare everything in advance if you want everything to go smoothly. Here is what you need:

Title – this establishes you as the legal owner of the car, and It’s something that you need to have. You will sign it over to the new owner once the sale is made.

Bill of sale – sometimes, it’s required by the state’s department of motor vehicles for you to complete a bill of sale, and you can find this form on the department’s website.

Maintenance and repair records – many buyers want to look at the maintenance and repair records of the car before they buy it, so if you have those, it’s good to keep them tidy and prepared.

Chose whom you want to sell your car to


There are two possibilities, you can sell your car to a dealer or a private party, and you need to decide on that. Selling to a dealer is way more comfortable and more uncomplicated. The dealership inspects your car and offers you a price. And that’s it, but there is a catch, dealerships often don’t want the old car, and they prefer the relatively new ones.

So, if you have an older car, you will probably want to sell it to a private party, only because no dealership will buy it. But, whatever car you have, it’s always better to sell to an individual because then you can tell your price and earn more. It’s not that more accessible like with the dealership, but we are trying here to get the most out of the sale.

If your car is so old and ready for junk and you know that no one will ever buy it, there is a solution for that too. Go to USJunkCars.com and see what they have to offer you.

Get a valuation estimate

It’s essential to establish an asking price before you do anything else, and it needs to be reasonable. Many sites online can help you with that, and according to the model of your car, year, and other information, they will give you an approximate asking price. Also, here you will be able to see the vast difference in price when selling to the dealership and privately.

Make your car shine


Maybe you are not used to polishing and cleaning your car regularly, but now is the time to do it. You need to do a deep cleaning and vacuuming of your car’s interior, throw away all of the trash that you’ve been collecting all those years, and wash the exterior also and give it a good polish. The prettier the car looks, it will better attract potential buyers.

You should advertise your car


If you are interested in scoring the best price, you don’t want to sell your car to the first person that comes by. And how are you going to attract more people – by advertising. Even if you plan to sell to a dealership, you need to contact at least two of them and tell them what you have to offer.

If you want to sell your car to an individual, you will need to make an ad on sites like eBay Motors, Craigslist, Autotrader, etc. And the most important thing about writing your ad is honesty. Always be honest about the state of the car, and include as much information as you can. It is vital because advertisements with lots of information attract more people.

When it comes to honesty, you need to think about photos. No one will even call you if your ad doesn’t have photos. And the photos of your car need to be good. They don’t need to be perfect or professionally taken, but they do need to sharp because no one likes to see a blurry one. Also, be sure to add as many photos as you can, and if the car has some flaws, take photos of them too.

Always negotiate


Maybe you are not familiar with negotiating, or you are feeling a little bit shy, but you need to negotiate if you want a good deal. If you have decided on one price, you should be firm and stand by that as long as you can. But if you see that the buyer is not going to buy, you can start negotiating.

Just be sure that never go too low, and always accept only the reasonable prices that are truly good for you. Always ask for payment via cash or cashier’s check before you give the keys of the car to the new owner, and also always verify that cashier’s check before anything else.

Once everything is arranged, you need to turn over the bill of sale and sign over the title to the new owner, but be sure to make copies of those documents. Also, be sure to let the state’s DMV know you’ve sold your car, and that’s it.

These are the tips we have for you, hope they will help lend a good deal on your car. Once you sign over the title to the new owner