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50 Best Wine Captions for Instagram

by Tracy Finke

Do you find it difficult to think of witty wine captions for Instagram? Do you need cool and fun cool wine captions? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place, because we compiled the best wine Instagram captions for you, which are hilarious and enjoyable. Say goodbye to dull captions and never worry about it any more.

Our wine Instagram captions from Getchip.com will definitely provide you the vibe you need. If you found If missed any important ones, it would be highly appreciated to let me know. You are welcome to copy and paste them to your Instagram profile to increase your followers and visibility.

source: unsplash.com

Without further ado, let’s dive into the following list of cute and funny wine captions, sayings, and quotes. Choose your favorite one and post it on Instagram to pair with your photo!

1. It’s Wine o’clock now!

2. We are all normal until having the first kiss as well as the second cup of wine.

3. Do I want another cup of wine? Always yes!

4. Each time I open a glass of wine, it is an awesome trip somewhere.

5. Where there’s a wine, you’ll find a way.

6. Either give me another glass of wine, or just please leave me alone.

7. I never complain, I’ll only wine.

8. Come and taste the Rosé!

source: unsplash.com

9. Great minds not only think alike, but drink alike!

10. Wine turns better with age, I turn better with wine.

11. When you get drunken, it’s known as a grape depression.

12. What would happen tonight? 99% chance of having wine!

13. Wine is not only able to add a smile to friendship but also a spark to relationship.

14. I’ll not have a cup of wine, I’ll need seven. It’s named a tasting and it’s wonderful!

15. My day without drinking wine is like…. just joking, never happened and I have no idea.

16. I’m a wine lover, the more I drink, the more lovable I become!

17. Spilling a cup of drink is the adult similar to letting go of a balloon.

18. A real friend will reach out for your hand…and hand over a cup of wine.

19. It is known that too much of anything is not good, but too much wine is not bad.

20. Only on two cases I drink wine, when I’m happy and when I’m sad.

21. You were a tasteful cup of tea. But I drink wine now.

22. One to two cups of wine a day decreases your chance of giving a shit.

23. Wine is the glue keeping this disgusting show together.

24. Wine me up and watch how I go!

source: unsplash.com

25. I don’t look like others who have a beer belly, instead I have a wine barrel.

26. I really want to go for a cup of wine now.

27. I love walking down the wine aisle.

28. Today is Wednesday and time to drink pink.

29. Wine flies everywhere when you are enjoying yourself.

30. Hardest decision to make today: drink with glass or bottle.

31. A dinner without wine is like a night without moonlight.

32. There are a lot of wines that taste good and for me to explore.

33. Coffee keeps my mind going until it’s time to drink wine.

source: unsplash.com

34. Wine delights the mind of man, and delight is the mother of all virtues.

35. Don’t ask what wine has brought to you, instead ask yourself what you have done to get a wine.

36. Drink some wine, so you can sleep well. When sleeping, you will not sin. Without sin, you will be saved. You can see, by drinking wine, you are saved.

37. Drinking good champagne with delicious food, in company of best friend is the largest pleasure I could imagine.

38. Wine has the magic power to make daily life more pleasant, less hurried, with fewer intensity and more allowance.

39. Have more wine, because you know it’s bad to keep it bottled up.

40. No matter what the question is, wine can be my answer.

41. I never understand why a wine stopper was invented.

42. Sellers should put a lot more wine in a bottle so it’s enough for a meal.

43. Begin your day with a smile and end it with a wine.

44. I’ve been looking for “Moderation” because everybody wants me to drink him.

45. Anyone who is a friend of wine can be a friend of mine.

46. Blessed with the best champagne and best friend tonight.

47. I don’t care if the cup is half full or half empty. Obviously there’s much room for more wine.

48. I love her more than anything else, well except wine!

49. For victory, you deserve wine. For defeat you need it.

50. Where there is wine, where it is my home.

source: unsplash.com

If you are a wine enthusiast, I believe after reading this article, you’ll definitely love the wine captions we prepared for you. Feel free to post them on your Instagram and other social media to capture the happy moment.

What could be better than a glass of wine at the end of a day? Absolutely nothing. Grab your favorite wine, you could enjoy it with supper or in your nightly bath. Rest assured in either way, it’s a moment absolutely worth sharing your buddies. Therefore you’ll need the best cool and fun wine captions for your photos. And don’t forget best ones are just in this article.

To be honest: when I was little I never accepted the hype on wine. I truly was not fond the taste of it. But as growing older and having more experiences, wine has become part of my life and one of my favorite grown-up drinks when hanging with friends.

So whether it’s wine of white, red, or pink, grab a glass, and enjoy your evening. Take photos and post them on Instagram, so your friends and followers can be envious that you’re having a good time with wine when they aren’t.