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Understanding Your Rights Under Title IX Before Fighting the Case

by Tracy Finke

Every living being on earth is born with certain rights, which no one else can snatch from him or her. In the United States, Title IX is designed to protect these rights when it comes to students and employees. The student rights include harassment, gender discrimination, and unlawful retaliation.

On the other hand, the employees have additional rights including termination, reduction in pay, demotion, harassment from superiors, or other employees and others. If you are facing any of these issues, it is recommended to contact Title IX lawyer Felice Duffy. They are able to handle your matter both sensitively and wisely. If you are looking for the best lawyer, here are some best tips to follow:

Look for a Specialized Attorney

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Depending on the nature of harassment, which you have faced lately, you should look for a suitable attorney. This is because he or she will assess your case more precisely and offer the best assistance. It is a good idea to speak with your friends and family to help you decide on your matter and look for the best lawyer in town. Your meeting with an attorney should be kept confidential and you must ask for this before going to any lawyer in person.

Get in Touch With Organizations With the Same Field of Law

When it comes to protecting the rights of a human being, several firms and organizations work in this field. It is strongly recommended to look for them online or in person. These organizations work for the welfare of human beings and they can understand you on human grounds. It is a wise decision to speak with them and ask for assistance.

Consider Fee Structure

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You will come across many lawyers who work on an hourly basis. It is suggested to hire an attorney who is comfortable with the contingency arrangement in which he gets the percentage of the compensation as and when received. This type of agreement is good for both parties, as it does not cause any financial burden on the victim.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Lawyer

If you are not comfortable speaking with your lawyer and discussing the case, don’t hesitate to change your lawyer and look for other options. You must trust your gut and search for the better one.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to fight your case more effectively in the courts of law.

Being arrested for a drug crime can leave you frightened and uncertain. You may feel isolated and without hope. The process has been designed to make you feel that way, especially if you were taken into custody by federal law enforcement officials.

There is something about federal drug agents that is particularly intimidating. However, you must hold your nerve. Even federal agents must follow the law and recognize your Constitutional rights.

Holding Your Nerve

If you have been wrongfully arrested by federal authorities, your instinct may be to try to exonerate yourself on the spot. You may start telling them why they have the wrong person. It is a bad idea to do this. First, you are in no state to make a clear and coherent statement about what you did and you didn’t do. You may inadvertently say something that can be later used against you. Second, you may not know exactly why they have arrested you. This can cause you to say something that will prompt them to open a new line of inquiry and investigation into you.

Legal First Steps

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Once your lawyer has arrived, they will advise you on the questions you have to answer. If you prefer not to speak to the authorities directly, you can have your lawyer speak for you. The next thing your lawyer will do is review the evidence the feds have on you. If it is not enough to hold you, they will try to get you released. If this is not possible, then they will request bail and begin building your defense.

Challenging the Feds

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Federal drug enforcement agencies are able to bring the resources of the whole federal government to bear in their investigations. They are tasked with investigating large inter-state and international drug organizations. Their main aim is to arrest, charge, and convict individuals on the crime of conspiracy.

Federal investigations can last for months, sometimes years. If the feds arrested you, then they probably have something on you. However, such evidence can be challenged. It is still up to them to prove that you committed a crime. You cannot be convicted because of your association with others that they have arrested. Your lawyer will scrutinize thoroughly the evidence they have against you for shortcomings. They will also examine their arguments for errors and leaps in logic. These can often be the weakness of the federal case against you.

Even if the feds have enough evidence to convict you of a minor crime, you need not lose hope. Their investigation may be ongoing and they may think that you have information that can help them. Your lawyer can negotiate with the authorities. They can make a deal in which you give the feds the information they seek in exchange for a reduced sentence.

During your initial consultation the lawyer will ask you to recall the events that led to the arrest and everything that happened afterward. You should leave nothing out. Every minor detail is important in a case like this. The police know exactly what they can and cannot do without a warrant, and they may try to fudge the facts to make it look like they acted within the law. Your statements, on the other hand, will give your lawyer a starting point from which they can go on to demonstrate that your rights have been violated.

What Your Lawyer Will Do

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Illegal search and seizure cases do not necessarily come down to your word against that of a police officer. Your lawyer will first evaluate all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case. In some instances, it may be possible to demonstrate that the police acted illegally through an analysis of their specific actions. It may also be possible to shore up your version of events through eye witnesses whom the arresting officers were unaware of. Phone video footage of the entire event by a bystander and witness can prove that the officers were well outside the boundaries of the law and their authority.

If you know that you have been mistreated and your rights trampled on, then you should do something about it. Hiring an illegal search and seizure lawyer is the first move in the right direction. You should spare no time in making the call.