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Why You Should Start Buying Movie and Series DVDs Online?

by Edvard Berlusconi

When we were little our parents and we have bought VHS tapes and watched favorites movies and cartoons on video recorders. Through the years’ technology improved and now we do not have VHS tapes anymore, we have DVDs.

At the moment, more and more people are buying DVDs online and making their own collection. If you want to start your own collection of the DVD titles, or you want to expand your existing movie’s and TV series collection visit dvdshelf.com.au , and check out their amazing DVD’s offer!

Now we have the streaming culture that is based on the platforms that stream our favorite movies but they are unreliable in so many reasons. It is much better to buy online your copy of the movie or series and you can watch it whenever you want without any limitation.


The best advice when it comes to the movie industry and watching movies the best solution is to buy online all you can watch from your home. You are the owner of your copy of the film, and you can watch it numerous times without a time limit. Sometimes on the streaming services you have the limited time for watching certain movies. And what is the joy in that? If you do not watch the movie at a certain time you will not be able to do that later. When you have your own DVD at home, it is something that will never happen.

You have the feeling that everything is free and close to, so you end up in a trap called you cannot watch the sequel of the same season if the first movie is not there on the streaming service.

On those services are a poor choice of movies made before 1970, so if you want to watch something older you cannot do that. If you decide to start your own collection of the DVDs you can buy movies from whatever year or decade you want.

Like we are collected and own records we can buy also the DVDs, and it is very easy to box up a bunch of DVDs, you do not need a lot of space. There is a special magic when you are opening the boxes and preparing the movie night for your loved one.


Also, you will buy a lot of time for yourself because on the streaming platforms you lose plenty of time while searching for the right movie through the average movie’s content. When you buy 10, 20, or 50 DVDs of your favorite’s movies you will not have this problem. You just need to go to your shelf and pick the right movie for that night and play on the DVD player.

All the streaming services are shifting further and further toward their original content; so, it means less space for your favorite movies. It is much safer to buy a DVD with the movie you want, and choose the content by yourself. Instead of that, you can spend time searching and searching the right content to watch on the streaming platforms without success in the sea of average content.