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Why Women Who Know What They Want Won’t Waste Their Time

by Jajce d Muckic

It takes years and a lot of experience to really figure out what you want in life. After that, it takes a lot of work to achieve it. A recent study made by Loveawake dating site shows that women under 40 seeking a partner online are more particular, especially when it comes to education, but men get pickier as they get older.


For some women, their true desires are never really met because they get caught in the chaos of life and they struggle to make it out. They give up control and live for what they think they want, or what society tells them they want, instead of living for their own happiness.

Then there are the women who know what they want, and you won’t find them settling for anything less. These women are confident, secure, inspirational, ambitious, and content. These women give one hundred percent to themselves and those who have earned it.


These are the women who have turned their scars into testimonies, struggles into triumphs, and tears into strength. These women understand the value of every day, and they refuse to waste it. These women don’t let life get the best of them; instead, they get the best of life.

Here are nine reasons why women who know what they want won’t waste their time.

She Values Her Time

You only get to live this life once. A woman who knows what she wants also understands how precious her time is. She is not going to waste it on something or someone that doesn’t add value to her life or pose great potential. She makes the most of every moment.


She Respects Herself

You teach people how to treat you. A woman who knows what she wants holds herself in high regard. She invests in her mind, body, and soul. She surrounds herself with like-minded people; those who motivate, inspire, and support others, not those who drag others down.

She Understands Her Self Worth

People will only value you to the extent that you value yourself. A woman who knows what she wants also knows what she brings to the table. She knows the value of her independence, ambition, passion, generosity, loyalty, and love. She won’t settle for anything less in return.


She Can See the Big Picture

When you live for tomorrow, you will end up with a bunch of empty yesterdays. A woman who knows what she wants understands the value of sacrificing for the future. She has goals and dreams and she is not going to let outside influences get in the way. She knows that with great sacrifice, comes great reward.

She Knows Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

 There is more to life than hurrying to the next chapter. A woman who knows what she wants can see a very distinguished line between instant gratification and long term happiness. She believes that when you try to force timing, you miss out on what the universe has planned for you.

She Does Not Fear Being Alone

Lying in bed next to someone who is not your person is lonely; living happily where you are at is freedom. A woman who knows what she wants finds comfort in just that. She is not lonely, or desperate to find companionship. She does not need a partner just so there is someone waiting when she gets home. She is happy on her own.


She Does Not Require Validation

When you seek validation in people, material things, or perfection you set yourself up for disappointment. A woman who knows what she wants appreciates what she sees in the mirror every morning. She invents in her mental, physical, and emotional health daily to fill her buckets.

She Does Not Have a Checklist or a Timeline

Your life is an empty canvas; don’t let anyone else hold the brush. A woman who knows what she wants lives life for the moment, not the next big thing. She believes in the beauty of fate and makes decisions based on what she feels is best, not what everyone else thinks is best for her.


She Believes In True Love

Something magical begins at the end of fearing the unknown, and the beginning of believing in yourself. A woman who knows what she wants is not a hopeless romantic, but she believes that with work, patience, and compromise she will live her happily-ever-after. She believes that as long as she is putting love out into the universe, love will come back to her.

In a world where we constantly compare ourselves to others it is crucial to learn how to live for you. We were all uniquely and beautifully made with an individual purpose. Women who invest in themselves find the passion for their purpose and become the women who know what they want. This one is for all the women who put in the work to grow and learn through this crazy life. We all deserve the best.