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Why You Should be Selling on the Internet — and How to Start – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

If you’re looking for a way to boost revenue faster, lower operating costs, and boost profit margins, an e-commerce website is a good place to start.

The internet is a strong tool for bringing e-commerce websites to a broader audience. Every day, millions of people use the internet to browse for goods and services. Selling a product on the internet is getting more popular year after year, as it is seen as a convenient way to buy goods at any time of day.

E-commerce websites often allow you to use various marketing and sales tactics to entice visitors to stay on your site and purchase your goods.

So, to learn how to make money selling on the internet, let’s, first of all, understand its benefits.

Why should you be selling on the internet?

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The main advantages of selling a product on the internet include lower setup and running costs than an offline business, scalability, no opening time restrictions, and more. E-commerce websites eliminate any regional limitations that a traditional office-based company would have. You can be anywhere in the world and still run a profitable e-commerce company. Getting access to emails, the internet, and phones are essential to managing your e-commerce website from anywhere.

E-commerce websites, for example, are incredibly observable and trackable using tools like Google Analytics. At regular intervals, you can display statistics such as the number of orders processed through your site, the average cart total, the cart abandonment rate, and the percentage of total revenue your website has generated.

It would be best if you did not have to devote too much time to maintain your e-commerce website once it has been set up.

This is because the whole ordering and payment process for consumers will take place online. This gives you more time to think about new items to market, promotional deals to launch, and how to monitor your sales.

How to start selling products on the internet?

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Now, as you fully grasp the advantages of selling a product on the internet, it’s time to start planning and implementing a good strategy for your e-commerce website.

Choose the right domain name

The web address that a customer will type into their browser to find your website is known as the domain name or URL. It’s a smart idea to call your company and choose your domain name all at once.

It is essential to choose the appropriate domain name. Domain names should be simple, memorable, and easy to remember.

Suppose your company name does not already contain keywords relevant to the goods you offer. In that case, you should include the most appropriate keyword in your domain name for SEO (search engine optimization).

Your domain name should also be simple to pronounce. You don’t want to clarify how your domain name is pronounced when you’re talking about your business. When combining terms to create your domain name, one last pitfall to prevent is the unintentional development of other brand names or words

Build an online shop

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Many new business owners are hesitant to begin building a website because they are concerned about their lack of technological skills. Still, you can now make a beautiful, functional online store without writing a single line of code. The trick is to find an eCommerce platform that includes all of the resources you’ll need to set up your online store, add items, set up checkout, and other necessary features.

It’s critical to choose the right platform, so you don’t end up paying extra for functionality you don’t need, and your company can expand without being hampered by technological limitations. Shift4Shop is an example of a powerful online store builder that allows you to create a website quickly and easily, add items, and track all of your sales from a single dashboard.

You also don’t need to install something on your computer; all you have to do is create an account and begin creating.

There’s even a no-strings-attached free plan (availability varies by country) that gives you access to all of Shift4Shop’s features.

You can either start by selecting a theme or by adding items and categories. You’ll also need to add a few more pages to your website for your company details, such as a “About Us” page and pages for your store policies.

Receive payments on a bank account

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There are many ways to begin accepting online payments, some of which are quicker and simpler than others. The simplest (and fastest) solution is to use Shift4Shop for your online store, which comes ready to accept credit cards right out of the box.

Customers who don’t want to enter their credit card numbers can use digital wallet solutions like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass. These services allow you to save payment details and use them for any online purchases in general. Cryptocurrency, consumer financing, and other payment options are also available.


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Since your customers are shopping online, you’ll need a way to get your items to them — unless you’re selling digital downloads like ebooks or music files — shipping is at the heart of eCommerce.

Although free shipping is widespread among online retailers, you’ll have to bear the cost, so start with real-time rates offered by your shipping carrier.

Real-time prices are determined dynamically when the customer assembles their order, ensuring that you don’t overcharge or undercharge the customer.

To get these real-time rates on your website, you need to use an eCommerce solution that offers a full set of shipping tools for selling online, including integrations with your preferred carrier. You can use carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, AU Post, or others, depending on your country.  A full-service order fulfillment provider is another option. For more information, check https://redstagfulfillment.com/order-fulfillment/.

Promotion and marketing of online shop

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If you want to make money selling on the internet, it is essential to ensure a steady flow of customers, which can be accomplished by promoting an online store. A multifaceted approach to marketing that includes social media, email newsletters, search engine optimization, and paid ads is the most effective. If your eCommerce program allows it, you can even run frequent sales and coupons, such as product discounts, as well as Daily Deals and Group Deals.

Facebook, for example, is a fantastic way to get your name out there and engage with customers. Create a Facebook Business Page about your company. Instagram and Pinterest are both common ways to communicate with others, and both of these sites allow you to sell goods. Later in this guide, you’ll find more information about marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

To keep your customers informed about upcoming promotions, new items, and other news, send out email updates regularly. Instead of being overt advertisements, your newsletters should be informative and enjoyable to read, and you shouldn’t send them out too often.

You will improve your SEO by creating high-quality content on your website that includes relevant keywords for your items, both in the content of your web pages and in blog posts.

Final Thoughts

Selling a product on the internet is not the most straightforward practice, for sure!
But it is worth your time! Once you develop your strategy of how to start selling products on the internet, the rest will flow easily, and you will see the first seeds of a successful business planted.

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