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Characteristics and Value of Microsoft Certification Exams – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Microsoft certification exams are launched by Microsoft for senior computer technicians and are globally recognized as certifications for senior computer software talents. The certificates issued by Bill Gates have been recognized in more than 90 countries around the world. The certificates of Microsoft certification represent the technical strength of enterprises and individuals.

The owners can enjoy high employment opportunities, high salary and the treatment of credit exemption in related majors all over the world. In some countries in North America, they can even be used as the technical evaluation standard for immigrants. At present, Microsoft has more than 120 authorized exam centers in China. There are four kinds of Microsoft certifications in China: MCP, MCSE, MCSD and MCDBA

1. Characteristics of Microsoft Certification exams

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Microsoft certification exams are different from general computer popularization exams. The main purpose of the former is to cultivate senior computer professionals. The content and subjects of Microsoft certification exams have strong pertinence. They all focus on Microsoft products in different stages. With the upgrading of the products, the content, question types and even the number of the exam questions should be changed accordingly. There is no fixed time for the exams. You can register at the authorized exam centers at any time.

If it is your first time to sign up for the exams, you need to provide detailed personal information such as your name, Chinese Pinyin of your name, the English name of your company, English address, telephone number, postcode, ID number, etc. And you need to provide exam information, such as the number, the name, the language and the date of the exam. You also need to pay exam fees. The issuing of certificates is generally held by the certification companies. On the home pages of some certification companies results inquiry and certificate inquiry are available with the ID number of the candidates.

The period before issuing certificates varies slightly among companies and runs generally one month. The certificates are of great importance to prove the owner’s ability and proficiency in using related complex technologies.

2. The Content of Microsoft Certification Exams

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The content of Microsoft certification exams is very professional, mainly including the following aspects:

  • Operating System (Windows NT 4.0’s installation, system configuration, account management, file and printer resource management, remote access service, domain planning and management, model design of enterprise domain; analysis, optimization and troubleshooting of NT network, etc.)
  • Windows 2000 (Windows 2000 platform series, installation, DNS, active directory, remote installation service, group policy, terminal service, file and disk management, disaster protection, directory service foundation, naming policy, permission delegation, logical structure of the active directory, object structure, implementation, etc.) (visit this site)
  • Network Technology Course (network design, implementation of protocol networking; connection, planning, configuration, management and monitoring of network, etc.)
  • Database (installation, configuration, management and security management of database; database backup and recovery, performance adjustment, user account management, multi table query, transaction processing, view, storage process implementation, etc.)
  • Development Engineer (development of database, COM and MFC, collection and analysis of business demands, design of business solutions, design of data services and data models, etc.)
  • E-commerce (establishing network industry and COM components, using MTS, establishing, maintaining and optimizing e-commerce sites, etc.).

3. The Process of Microsoft Certification Exams

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1.The fee for Microsoft certification exams:

Each exam of the MCP certification series charges 35 US dollars per person. There is no difference in the fee no matter it is paid by yourself or the company. Candidates can contact the exam centers to register for the exams.

2. Candidates’ registration:

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  • You need to pay the fee for each registration for the exam.
  • The fee costs 35 US dollars per course, and you can get the exam voucher after paying the fee.
  • All exam vouchers are registered. The exam administrator will help you to mark your exam voucher with your name and exam subject.
  • If you are a new candidate, you need to fill in the entry form for new candidates which has English version and Chinese version. You need to write down the following information with regular script: your name, the company name, your address and postcode (both in Chinese and English), telephone number, exam subject, time, ID number, etc.
  • If you have already participated in the examination, you only need to fill in the details of your ID number, exam subject and exam time.

3.  Time arrangement for the exams

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  • After confirming the exam time, new candidates should go to the exam venue three days in advance to fill in the entry form and show the number of the exam voucher.
  • Candidates who have participated in the exam can go to the exam venue one day in advance or make an appointment on telephone after confirming the exam time and show the number of the exam voucher at the same time.
  • If you need to cancel the exam which you have confirmed, be sure to formally inform the exam center two days in advance.
  • If you fail to come for the exam at the confirmed time, your voucher will be deemed to have been used. The exam is ineffective.

4.  The arrangement for the exams

  • On the day you come for the exam, please be sure to bring your exam voucher, ID card, driving license or any other valid certificate with your photo.
  • The exam administrator will help you to fill in the exam attendance form and the candidate agreement. Before you enter the exam room, please put your personal belongings outside the room and only carry the blank draft paper and pen given by the exam room. The administrators will guide you into the room.
  • After finishing the exam, three transcripts will be printed. The two which are stamped with steel seal and bar seal will be kept by yourself and the other one is kept by the exam room. At the same time you need to hand in the draft paper.
  • If you fail to pass the same exam twice in a row, you can only take the exam at intervals of two weeks after the third time.
  • After passing the corresponding Microsoft certification exam, you will receive a certificate with Bill Gate’s autography within three weeks.

5. The value of Microsoft certifications

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1.Why to pass Microsoft certifications?

For IT managers:

If you are a manager looking for computer professionals, we guarantee that those professionals with Microsoft certificates are exactly the candidates who can meet or exceed your expectations. MCP course is regarded as a symbol of high quality by technical managers all over the world. MCP professionals will bring to your organization the industry standard obtained in training and certification, the potential to improve production efficiency as well as the technical support capabilities in global market competition.

For IT professionals:

If you are or would like to be a computer technology professional, obtaining the Microsoft expert certificates or MCP certificates is the best way to show your employers, customers and colleagues that you have the necessary knowledge and skills. MCP certificates are the standard of IT industry and verify that you have the recognized professional skills to meet the requirements of the industry.

2. Benefits of Microsoft certifications

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For IT managers:

The research results show that MCP course can provide the following help.

By providing a standard method to determine the training requirements and exam results, MCP course can well repay the training and certification investment. By continuously improving services, efficiency and your own technical strength, you can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of technical support services. You can recognize and reward excellent employees by evaluating their professional and technical ability. You can re-educate existing employees so that they can use new technology efficiently and ensure the quality of computer equipment when making a purchase abroad.

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For IT professionals:

As a MCP expert, you will benefit a lot. The IT industry will recognize your mastery and knowledge of Microsoft products and technologies. You can directly obtain information about related technology and products from Microsoft through a secure area of MCP’s Web site. You will have a logo which shows your MCP level to your colleagues and customers. You will have the qualification to attend Microsoft conferences, technical training and some special activities. You can subscribe to Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine developed by professionals.

More benefits brought by Microsoft certifications for you:

You can freely subscribe to one-year Microsoft Technical Information Network (monthly issued CD which contains a lot of valuable information).

You can subscribe to one-year Microsoft Beta Evaluation Program (12 free CDs per month, including many of Microsoft’s latest English BETA products).

You can subscribe to one-year Microsoft Developer Network Library (lever 1) which issues a CD each quarter contains a lot of valuable information