Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend Reveals Why She Stopped Dyeing Her Hair 15 Years Ago

by Tracy Finke

Alexandra Grant, an artist who has recently got in the spotlight for having a romantic affair with Keanu Reeves, explained why she does not dye her gray hair.

The 46-year-old artist posted on Instagram a screenshot of Newsweek headline: “Breast Cancer Linked To Permanent Hair Dye And Chemical Hair Straighteners In Study Of Almost 50,000 Women”.

She captioned the photo with: “Wow. Today’s news… The numbers are staggering, especially for women of color. I went gray prematurely in my early 20’s… and dyed my hair every color along the way until I couldn’t tolerate the toxicity of the dyes anymore.”

Grant also wrote: “In my 30’s I let my hair turn “blonde”… I love and support that every woman can choose how she wants to look at every age. But/and, if women are perishing from beauty standards… then let’s talk about those beauty standards. Love to all women!”

The information that Grand cited was published in an international journal and represents a study that has proven that hair dyes and hair straighteners can be linked to certain carcinogens and heart-destroying compounds.

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Alexandra is Keanu Reeves’ first girlfriend since Jennifer Syme, who tragically died in a 2001 accident.

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